Indonesia Sourcing and Buying Agent

Indonesia Buying Agent ready to assist for every business need such as sourcing agent, product research, sourcing trips arrangements, personal shopping and guide, quality control process up to shipping activities. We offer many advantages for you to save your time, effective cost and inform reliable resource to connect any of your business in Indonesia. Many Indonesian products have high quality grade which people from abroad come to search qualified supplier and manufacturers, negotiate and having business deal to import from Indonesia to their countries. We are here ready to works on your behalf as an Indonesian Buying Agent in sourcing the products you need, and even further more activities based on requirements. We knows local suppliers and will give you comprehensive references to choice for, and also for further details, to make sure that you can get best offer, high quality products for a lower and competitive price.

indonesia buying agent

Sourcing and buying agent for Indonesian products such as furniture, wood carvings, natural stone, batik fabric, handicrafts, clothing, garment, jewelry and many more

We are Indonesian Buying Agent assists your interests in conducting business activities in Indonesia, from providing valid information on all suppliers to negotiation, purchase and even delivery to your country. We can also act as your representative in Indonesia, to facilitate various purchasing process to get reliable sources and best quality. For those of you who need customized products, please feel free to contact us and provide specifications as well as designs needed, so we can inform manufacturers to produce according to your needs.

Sourcing and Buying
We serve potential buyers from abroad to provide information, sourcing, selecting, negotiating, ordering, quality controlling, and shipping desired products.

Sourcing Trip
We are ready to accompany and provide the best advice during your trip in Indonesia to find your own products according to your specifications.

We are also ready to provide shipping service through trusted transportation from the nearest port in Indonesia to the destination port.