11 natural stones to use for your minimalist home décor

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So, here’s our 11 natural stones to use for your minimalist home décor. Starting from the likes of limestones to fewer known stones such as Templek stone. Let’s check it out.

11 natural stones to use for your minimalist home décor

Palimanan Stone
As the name implies, Palimanan stone is a type of limestones that comes from Palimanan, Cirebon, Indonesia. This stone is produced on Ciremai Mountain and is very popular for its longevity. You can use this stone for wall cladding, pool, and garden tiling.

Limestone known for its weatherproof quality and durability makes it a popular choice for anyone’s home décor choice. This natural stone not only comes in white variation, but also an array of grey, blue, brown and even red.

Who doesn’t know about this one natural stone? Marble is often chosen because its easy to mold into a desired shape, and the natural shine of this stone can give an elegant and classy feel to what you’re decorating.

Granites are often times cut into slabs in order to make tiles. The tiles that’s made out of granite will be cooler to touch and not slippery. This natural stone is also an anti-fungal and anti-scratch material too. Solidifying its position as one of the best floor tiles material out there.

Candi stone
Sharing a striking similarity with the stones used to made Candi in Indonesia, this stone is not quite actually the same as the ones used there. Candi stone have a different composition compared to andesites with open pores and ease of maintenance. This stone is cheaper than andesite too.

Andesite born from the eruption process of a volcano. It’s a popular choice for wall construction material because of its durability, ease of installation, and extreme weatherproof ability. Andesite stones’ texture is also similar to wood in general, so you can use it as an exterior decoration.

Sukabumi stone
As its name implies, this limestone comes from Sukabumi, Indonesia, and is one of the rare natural stone in the world. Sukabumi stone comes in green color and as such making it to be a good choice if you’re in need of a tile material for your pool.

Stale is a natural stone that is most commonly used that’s used for exterior decoration. It’s very sturdy so you can use it as a foundation for your house, and it’s very cheap too. The only downside we can think of is that it’s a bit hard to install if you don’t have the right tools.

A natural stone originating from the United States. Bluestone have the same composition as templek stone from Indonesia, albeit with different color. It comes in dark blue and is shinier compared to templek stone. It can be used for jewelry too apart from house construction material.

Templek Stone
Despite coming in the form of small thin plates. Templek stone is still quite durable of a natural stone compared to others. This stone is often used for wall decorations because of its irregular pattern when combined with other stones of its types.

Paras Jogja Stone
Coming in white color with appealing texture, Paras Jogja stone is the perfect choice if you’re aiming for minimalist looks. But also because of its rough texture and bright color, Paras Jogja stone is more susceptible to moss. Thankfully you just need to rub it every once in a while using water.

And that is all for our 11 Indonesia natural stone you can use for your minimalist home décor. Not only limited to Indonesian natural stone, we hope our diverse list can help you pick the best stone for your needs. Our favorite for both interior and exterior house design is definitely Paras Jogja stone. The white variation, albeit expensive is perfect for minimalist décor anywhere.

But you can’t go wrong with classic granite or marbles either. These stones have been the staple in any building out there and fits just any style of decoration. Again, we hope this article is useful for you, and if you’re still confused on your choice, let us know in the comments. We will help you as best as we can.

That is all from us, we hope you enjoyed this article and we hope to see you again in another article!