12 Examples of Aesthetic Bedroom Designs

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12 Examples of Aesthetic Bedroom Designs – Having a good resting place is everyone’s dream, including our bedroom, a place for us to sleep and rest when tired, of course it will be very pleasant if the conditions are comfortable and beautiful to look at. So to make it happen, we can decorate and determine for ourselves how we can have an aesthetic bedroom design as we want.

As one of the places we live most often, a comfortable bedroom is the most important need and should be a priority. Here are some examples of bedroom arrangements to make it look aesthetically pleasing and pleasing.

1. Choice of room paint color with white dominance Or if you want a color combination, you can use a simple color combination such as dominant black and white.


2. Using simple and multifunctional furniture, for example the bed underneath can be used as a storage area. You can also use industrial-style Indonesia furniture with a modern design. Furniture does not need too much, the priority is chosen according to the function.


3. Selection of carpet in the bedroom that is appropriate and in line with the walls and furniture in your room so as to create an aesthetic atmosphere.

4. The windows for the bedrooms are made with a larger size, so as to make the impression of relief and airiness as well as perfect air circulation in the room, and the room has a wider feel.


5. The concept of bunk beds can also be applied, so that the room can become more spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The bottom can be used for other purposes, for example, such as tables, chairs, furniture for work, or just leave the empty space so that it looks wider.

6. Design inspiration from wood should also be one of the aesthetic choices, for example the floor of the room is made of wood with a certain decoration motif or groove. The original brown color of the wood certainly makes the decoration beautiful, combined with table and chair furniture of the same color, the room be more comfortable.

7. Mattress variations can be chosen to display an aesthetic impression, for example using a mattress without a couch, making the room wider and more spacious, can be used for further decoration. You can also use a hidden mattress, which can be attached and folded when not in use.

8. Room mirrors can be selected with a larger size, making the room more spacious and aesthetic. Of course, it can be combined with the use of furniture that is more minimal and functional.

9. Using unique decorations and playing a color combination with the walls. This unique decoration is for example a lampshade of rattan or wood, giving rise to a unique impression as well as aesthetic and functional.

10. The hanger or cupboard is in the corner of the room, arranged in such a way that it looks neat and functional. Underneath it can be placed a wooden shelf with a matching color so that the overall appearance looks sweet and eye catchy.

11. Can put unique plants or plants in the room, arranged in such a way to look attractive, appear more alive as well as have a function to clean the air in our bedroom.

12. Take advantage of the empty space in the room with decorations according to your identity. For example, you are an artist, so you can put beautiful musical instrument decorations in the right place. If you are a woman who likes flower decorations, you can put some flower decorations on the glass or on the wall.

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