2 Storey Modern Minimalist House Design Indonesia

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2 Storey Modern Minimalist House Design Indonesia – 2 Floor Minimalist House Model Front View
To find out whether a house is good or not, it must be started at the front first. A house that has a good front design will certainly be an option for everyone. Because, the first person they see is the front, before they look inside it.

This time we will share a few reviews of some minimalist 2-storey house models with designs that appear to the front. Of course it will be very interesting as a reference for you. Especially for those of you who have trouble finding the right model or you don’t really understand about house models that are suitable for the land you have and in accordance with your dreams.

If you are currently looking for references about a nice two-story house in front and of course the interior design too. You can see examples of house models that we will describe in this article. Do not let you miss about some very charming house models, including the following:


What are some examples of 2-storey minimalist house models that look in front?

1. Minimalist house with modern design

For those of you who only have land that is not that large, but want a house that fits your dream design. You can choose the model of this one house. This 2-storey minimalist house is quite good and worthy of being an option for you. With a building that has a modern design, it will certainly give a very attractive impression to those who see it.

2. The Dream Home

This one house model is perfect for those of you who want to own a house and want a modern minimalist home concept that has a small garden decoration on the front. The small garden makes the house even more beautiful and beautifies the front of the house.


3. Classy Minimalist House

If you want a minimalist but classy home, you can make this home model an option. The design of the house that looks very classy and so elegant. So that makes it a house that was built looks luxurious to the people who see it. With this house model, of course you will be more confident in the surroundings.

4. Large size minimalist house

If you are looking for a big house. Because maybe you have many family members so you need a house that can accommodate many people. You can make this house model an option if you need a minimalist house but with a large size.

This house concept uses a modern design with an additional place on the roof that you can use to relax. Of course, with that you will feel more at home in that house.

5. House with Mountain View

The last 2-storey minimalist house model is a house with a mountain view. This is perfect for those of you who like mountains and want a house with a mountain view as a backdrop. With a mountain backdrop, it fits perfectly with the concept of your home and can be taken casually in the front yard while looking at the very beautiful mountain scenery.

Those are some choices of 2-storey minimalist house models that you can use as a reference when you want to choose the model of the house you want and need. So you don’t need to be confused anymore to choose a house design / model that suits your interests. Hopefully useful and useful