3 Indonesian Arowana That Sought Over Its Beauty In the International Market

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Indonesian Arowana

Indonesia once again brings a lot of international attention through its faunas. Along with other beautiful animals across the country, Indonesian Arowana also secures a high position in the aquarium market. There are at least three types of Arowana or king of decorative fish that originated from Indonesia. What are they? here is your answer.

3 Arowana That Originated From Indonesia And Highly Demanded In International Market

  1. The Scleropagse Legendrei Or The Red Arowana

This type also is known as the super red because of the very bright red scales. The original habitat is from Kapuas river and Sentarum lake at West Kalimantan. The distinctive characteristic can be seen on its head shapes that look like a spoon. It also has a bigger body than other Arowana. The price of adult red Arowana can reach up to 48 million rupiahs.

  1. Golden Red Arowana Or The Red Tail

This particular type is commonly found in Pekanbaru, Sumatra.  Just as the name says, the body is clad in golden scales. But some striking red colors can be found on its tail. Even though these types relatively have a bigger population, but the red tail is one of the protected animals in Indonesia. The adult Indonesian Arowana fish is priced around 2,5 to 3,5 million.

  1. The Green Arowana or golden piano

This type might be not originated from Indonesia, but you can find many of them in this archipelago country. Some variances and colors link with the original region. But most of the time, it has a greyish green color with dark stripes on its fin. Another signature looks from green Arowana are the rounded head and a bigger mouth.

The three Arowana are just a small number of types you can find in Indonesia. The popularity of Arowana bring a lot of enthusiasm to the breeder, that is why you can find numerous types. Such as Banjar and Irian Arowana. Nevertheless, the super red Arowana, The red tail, and the green Arowana are the most famous and the pricier ones.

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