3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Indonesian Rattan Bags

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indonesian rattan bag
Have you heard about the trending rounded rattan bag? Around the year 2016 – 2017, many fashion bloggers starting to post their fashion along with the rounded Indonesian Rattan Bags. Because of its beauty, many are interested to find out where to get and how much they have to pay for. But why buy it? here is what you should know.

Three Reasons Why Spending Your Money For The Bag Is Worth It

1. A Unique Fashion Item
Fashion and style has no border. In this case, the beauty of the rattan bag has smitten many fashion bloggers. The rounded rattan case was creating such a wave of new fashion. The simple rattan bag with long shoulder straps is trending for women fashion. It can be used as a purse and complete OOTD (outfit of the day).

2. Cheap Price And Long Lasting
With the popularity head the top, there is no doubt that this product can be found in many places. From online shop to offline shop. But if you want to get a more authentic design, cheaper price, and better material, you should visit Indonesia. You can find it in Bali, Yogyakarta, to Jakarta with a price starting from 250.000 rupiahs or around 20 USD.

3. Numerous Design And Motif
Worth noting that Indonesia has a different culture in each of its regions. That is why you will find numerous designs and motifs of Indonesian rattan bags across the country. From the simple brown bag, colored rattan bag, embroidered, hexagonal motif, or some product that comes in a different model such as a purse to barrel like shapes.

When you visit Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with bringing home some local souvenirs. While there are many interesting handicrafts, rattan cases, or bags will give a different impression, especially when you got one with a unique design and motif. It will remind you of the vacation time in Indonesia and also useable for carrying your need or complete your fashion.