4 Characteristics of a Minimalist House that We Must Have

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4 Characteristics of a Minimalist House that We Must Have. The element of minimalism is becoming more and more famous and popular as part of the philosophy and lifestyle of today’s modern society.

Because it symbolizes elements that are so unique to the habits and culture of our country’s people, it’s no wonder that even a minimalist house can be well received.

In addition to having an attractive style and design, a minimalist house can be built or purchased with not too much money. Even this one residential style can be built on land with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 100 square meters.

Minimalist architecture itself is able to achieve a better design through the simplicity it offers.

Not only from the outside and the size of the house, this simplicity also extends to the room, materiality, detail, color, and our daily habits.

Even if you have a simple name with minimal costs, you can still get a rich and luxurious feel thanks to the lighting and colors of the house itself.

So, for those of you who want to try to build a minimalist house with rich elements without having to spend too much money, then you can follow the 4 characteristics of a modern and minimalist house as written in full below.


Simplicity in Form and Function

Many minimalist homes have simple, straightforward, efficient, refreshing floor plans, complete with stacked volumes of space but are still very neat to look at and comfortable to live in.

Thanks to this unique design, we can easily place and arrange some furniture and interiors in certain areas.
Its simple shape, open floor plan, simplified interior walls to a minimum, multifunctional storage area, and an emphasis on appearance make it a very distinctive house with elements of modernity.

Even in some developed countries such as Japan, a minimalist house only has one complete form, namely a box. But when you enter it, it looks like a luxurious house with an interior arrangement as well as a very appetizing color.

Many people think that minimalist and modern designs are the same, but that’s not necessarily the case.
Minimalist design certainly looks modern, but that does not mean that modern homes are minimalist.

A minimalist design house is only part of a modern house, which emphasizes its simplicity and tidiness.
In essence, the form and function of a minimalist home are usually characterized by simplicity of form, clean lines, non-monotonous accents, and a monochromatic palette with colors used as accents.

It will not be perfect if a minimalist house does not get the element of simplicity both in function and form. Especially function, all furniture in our homes must have a high use value.

Uncomplicated Wall Layers

Building a house is expensive, but actually the interior and knick-knacks in the house tend to be much more expensive. For example, a wall layer that has a unique and charismatic design alone can reach millions of rupiah per one square meter.

Well, for residents of minimalist homes, we can avoid expensive wall designs completely. It’s not minimalist if our walls look luxurious with expensive manufacturing services.

Even though it is not given luxurious accents and decorations, the walls of a minimalist house are still very pleasing to the eye. There are two reasons, namely in terms of color and lighting.

For the wall color itself, you can choose to use paint or coat it with wallpaper.
Paints commonly used by minimalist home users are usually neutral colors, such as white, gray, beige, and so on.

Meanwhile, if you choose to use wallpaper, make sure you adjust it to the style of the furniture you are currently using.

But whatever the choice, the walls must reflect natural light during the day, and the roof light at night.

The point is, don’t make it too dark or too light. Walls that are not able to reflect light will look like a gloomy and narrow house.

On the other hand, a house that reflects too much light can make us stressed because it attacks psychology directly.

Clean, Open and Full of Light Room

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects that must be included in all types of homes, including minimalist homes.
In fact, one of the things that makes us interested when we see a minimalist house while browsing on the internet is, of course, thanks to the cleanliness that is maintained.

The cleanliness will give a very beautiful pattern, supported by the layout of the room, furniture, and the color of the walls of the minimalist house itself.
It’s also useless if you have fulfilled the basic elements of a minimalist home but in the end it is always dirty because you are lazy to clean up, so that in the end you will not feel comfortable sitting there.

Because occupying a minimalist home requires us to live simply, hiring a cleaner or household assistant is not a wise choice.

We must be able to clean the house regularly and make it a habit every day.
Don’t forget to also open all windows during the cleaning process. Even a minimalist house itself is closely related to the design of the room and open walls.
Starting from the large window, the hole in the roof, to the position between the door and the window must be appropriate and look harmonious.

By opening a room using a large window glass, it will support natural lighting into the house so that it supports our mood for the better.

Use of Appropriate Furniture Materials

Of course, according to the budget, comfort, style of the room, to our personality. Expensive furniture does not mean it can be comfortable when used. Likewise with the style of the room and our personality.

Look for furniture that does look harmonious with the accent of the house, especially in terms of color, such as Indonesia Furniture.

If you can, look for some furniture that has neutral colors such as black, white, or even natural wood brown that follows the basic ingredients of the interior.
For example, we can match the color between the sofa and our mattress. Or also match the color of the sofa with the curtains that cover our living room window.

There are many things that we can create in this section, so that it demands our hobbies, passions, interests, and personalities.

In fact, the house we live in is a reflection of our everyday personality, consciously or unconsciously. Whether it’s in terms of color or wall decoration that we have.

As a result, even if our private room is dirty, maybe it is closely related to personality and habits. Therefore, starting to get used to cleaning private rooms starting from now on.

That way, the furniture that we have adjusted to the house and minimalist room will look perfect.
We also have to clean the furniture from time to time from stubborn dust and stains. So it is advisable to choose the type of interior made of materials that are easy to clean.

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