4 Most Popular Among Many Types Of Indonesian Kebaya That You Should Know

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Kebaya is a traditional women’s clothing in Indonesia. Most of the time, this traditional attire is made of cotton, brocade, or even silk. It is usually worn along with Batik Sarong, Songket, etc. But lately, the popularity of the kebaya has starting to be used for any occasion. So, what kind of Indonesian Kebaya that you should choose? Check out this information.

4 Popular Kebaya You Can Try

  1. Kebaya Sunda

The characteristic of this Kebaya is the tight-fitting design, with u collar neckline, brocade, and embroidery. Most of the time, this attire is used for a wedding dress. The contemporary design combines the traditional look with modern ideas, such as long train tail, long lower back, etc.

  1. Kebaya Kartini

Kebaya Kartini tends to be in white. But with the modern touch, this particular design came with a wittier personality. The stitching laces, v-shaped collar, and simple model meet with a more colorful approach. Creating it as one of the most popular kebayas in Indonesia. At some point, this Kebaya is also used as a flight attendant’s uniform.

  1. Balinese Kebaya

Balinese Kebaya has a v-neckline folded collar with thigh fitting design. What makes it stand out is the semitransparent fabrics with brocade and cotton. Sometimes the design comes in varying colors, from white to golden shades that are shown from embroidery and laces. The wearer also uses of shawl or sash around the waist.

  1. Kutubaru

Indonesian Kebaya Kutubaru has a characteristic of a rectangle-shaped collar around the chest and abdomen. This part is called Bef which is used to connect the opening around the area. This particular Kebaya originated from central java is now one of the most modernized models with its popping colors.

Those are the four types of Kebaya that are mostly used for any occasion. The beauty of this particular attire is versatility and adaptability. You can mix and match the Kartini, Balinese, or Kutubaru with modern approaches such as colorful design and models. Along with it, Kebaya Sunda is very loved for its elegant and formal looks.

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