4 Types Of Indonesian Wood Carvings That Are Highly In Demand

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Indonesian wood carving
As one of the biggest archipelago countries, Indonesia is full of traditions and handicrafts. The most well-known one is batik. But other than that, Indonesian wood carvings are also starting to get its popularity. From Sabang to Merauke, here are some of the Indonesian carving motif that is highly in demand for a local and international market.

4 Highly Demanded Wood Carving Motif In Indonesia

1. Balinese Carving
Balinese wood carving portrays the spiritual devotion of the local people. Most of the time, the carvings are exclusively used in palaces and temples as a symbol of beauty. But as time goes by, there are many wood carving that is used for decorative panels, figures, ornate doors, etc. Most of the time, the carving depicts human features, floral, and animals.
2. Jepara Wood Carving
Jepara is one of the biggest centers of woodcarving in Java. The beauty and the detailed motif of the woodcraft have been renowned all over the world. This particular wood carving consists of numerous motifs. From the human forms, animal statues, ornaments, furniture, or floral design.
3. Dayak Wood Carving
Dayak Borneo Carving is somewhat having a very high bond with the local tradition and belief. In many cases, the woodcrafts product come in the form of a statue that bore different meaning. There is also the house ornament carving that is mostly found in the Rumah Betang or Dayak traditional house.
4. Asmat Iconic Wood Carving
The signature wood carving art from Asmat Papua is one of the Indonesian treasures. These particular Indonesian wood carvings are highly linked with the spirit world. But most of the time, the original art is symbolic of traditional warrior ancestor veneration, warfare, and headhunting.

The three carving are available or made by different locals. That is why you can find that each of them has different characteristics and also uses. Along with it, each of them also has distinctive meaning and representation. From flower, people motif, to decorative pieces, you should take a look at Balinese, Jepara, Dayak, and Asmat wood carving.

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