Activated Carbon Indonesia Manufacturers Production

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Activated Carbon is increasingly used for various purposes. Among them are to remove water pollutants and air pollution, in this case it functions as a filter, for example a water filter in a pond or aquarium, a filter for drinking drinking water. For health and medicine, activated carbon functions as a treatment for cases of poisoning, by preventing the absorption of toxins in the body, and is useful in clearing drugs.

In industry it is used for gas purification, removing oil mixtures or mixtures of other compounds from the air. Activated carbon can basically remove, filter many substances, disturbing organic elements that can disturb the color, smell and taste.

Activated carbon Indonesia manufacturers have produced and exported their products abroad, produced quality activated carbon and maintained its quality. Quality assurance with the most sophisticated production machines, supporting modern technology in the process. The use of activated carbon supports cleanliness, a healthy lifestyle and maintains a healthy environment.



The largest supplier of Activated Carbon in Indonesia, production has direct access to natural raw materials, so that all raw material procurement processes come directly from the original source. Coconut shell raw material is a resource that is widely available in Indonesia, has the most reliable quality, has international quality standards, and on the other hand participates in creating a better ecosystem, clearer air and better water quality.

Indonesian activated carbon manufacturer applies a standard quality protocol from the start of production to completion. The plant with state-of-the-art equipment simultaneously continues to produce products of the highest quality standards on an ongoing basis. 100% pure natural raw materials, from virgin coconut without mixture, so that the production quality is maintained.

The quality testing process according to standards is also included, integrated with the system at the factory, so that it is a unified quality quality solution. The next thing that is no less important is the delivery service on time, all of which is a comprehensive process that is always carried out regularly and orderly.