Adhesive Tape Manufacturer Indonesia Expansion

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The adhesive tape manufacturer Indonesia produces continuously, supplies the need for adhesive tape made from natural rubber for domestic needs as well as for export. The factory has decades of production experience supported by reliable technology from Japan, as well as the latest machines to produce products with predetermined quality standards. Various kinds of adhesive tapes are produced to meet market demand, household, industrial, office use as well as for international export markets.

Various types of adhesive tapes are produced by Indonesian manufacturers, such as: OPP, masking, double-sided, cloth, stationery, kraft paper, cellulose, PVC and metalized tape. All of these products have been certified according to predetermined standards, so that they are guaranteed the quality of the product. The main attention is to the interests and satisfaction of consumers, who are expected to always get the results of production as needed with satisfactory and reliable quality.



Adhesive tape has many uses for various purposes, therefore quality is very important in every product produced. The development of factories in Indonesia is increasing every year because the demand is also increasing. Starting to meet domestic needs, now it has received requests from many countries abroad, so automatically production capacity is also increasing.

By serving two markets at the same time, namely the domestic market and now also for export, the adhesive tape manufacturer in Indonesia has a more task, especially to continue to concentrate on quality control. With the increase in production, of course there needs to be more attention to each adhesive tape production that is carried out. This is so that production quality is maintained. In addition, the addition of production machines for expansion also needs to be realized so that the fulfillment of production capacity can be guaranteed.

Thus the adhesive tape manufacturer in Indonesia can maintain trust, maintain quality and be able to provide satisfaction to consumers by producing high-quality adhesive tape and selling well in both the domestic and international markets.