Advantages and Types of Terrazo, a Multifunction Building Material

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To make a good building, quality materials must be selected and match the design plan to be made, one of which is the selection of materials for house floor tiles, or house walls.

One example of using good materials with several advantages is using terrazzo floors or walls. Apart from flooring, it turns out that terrazzo also has many other functions, aka multifunction, so by choosing terrazzo material, you can solve the problem of choosing for several uses at once.

In the following, you can see a more in-depth discussion of terrazzo which can provide information so you can get to know more about what terrazzo is, and how to apply it as a building material for building houses or renovating houses that have many uses, aka multifunctions.


What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a building material made from pieces or fragments of marble, or other materials such as granite, quartz, glass, which are then mixed with cement and sand and after processing by polishing it finally produces a smooth surface.

What are the characteristics of terrazzo?

Some of the characteristics and characteristics of terrazzo can be seen as follows:

1. Surface appearance that clearly exposes stone chips or shards, so it immediately attracts attention because of its uniqueness.

2. The color patterns are very diverse, so they can be matched to the needs and overall design of the style of the house model to make it look harmonious.

3. The texture varies, various kinds of textures can be chosen according to needs, for example terrazzo with a rough texture is suitable for bathrooms so that it is rough and not slippery, terrazzo with a fine texture is for use as a home interior.

4. Terrazzo can adjust to the existing room temperature, where if the temperature of the house is hot, the terrazzo will tend to be cold, and vice versa if the weather is cold, the terrazzo can feel warmer.

The advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo

Before using it as a material for building or renovating a house, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of this terrazzo.

The following describes some of the advantages and disadvantages in detail:

1. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Because it is made from leftover material which is then used for reprocessing, then of course this is an environmentally friendly condition. Terrazzo also has good durability because it is made from materials known for their durability, such as marble, granite, cement and sand.

2. Flexible and multifunctional

The use of terrazzo can be very flexible in its designation, because it can be used in many aspects of buildings, from floors, walls to furniture and various kinds of home appliances.

3. Easy to maintain

No need to be complicated for maintenance problems, just use ordinary cleaners like water and soap to clean it.

4. Aesthetic

Its appearance gives an aesthetic impression on the building, so it looks beautiful and unique at the same time.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo

1. The price tends to be expensive, this is because it requires a fairly complicated manufacturing process.

2. Need a good quality adhesive or sealant, because the installation will be easy to stretch if it is not attached or attached properly.

3. The installation is quite difficult, requiring professionals who are experts in their field to produce a good installation.

Terrazzo types

Terrazzo has a unique style that can emphasize the character of the building.

The following are various types of terrazzo with their respective characteristics:

1. Terrazzo mosaic, as the name suggests, this type of pattern is in the form of a mosaic, with a wide variety of color choices.

2. Terrazzo Logo, Display terrazzo in the form of a particular logo as selected, to display the characteristics of a building

3. Terrazzo Graphics, displaying art patterns on the floor, accentuating the art pieces you want to display.

4. Terrazzo threaded, the pattern is elongated and besides being able to serve as a certain direction in a room, it also adds beauty to the room.

4. Terrazzo compass, with a compass motif, apart from being a beautiful lanrai, can also show the compass direction where the room is located.

5. Plain terrazzo, for those who want to display plain motifs and appear clean and tidy