Advantages of Sintered Stone Slabs as Building and Furniture Materials

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Sintered Stone Slab has recently become widely known to the public as an attractive and popular type of building material. Many are attracted by its appearance and advantages, including its practical use, low maintenance and beautiful appearance. No wonder many architects and interior designers use it as an item in their work. The use of Sintered Stone Slab is widely applied as a material for floors, walls, furniture / countertops and also on the facade of the house.

Sintered Stone Slab is made from man-made stone, using natural materials, processed through innovative and creative technology to produce a material in the form of slabs with reliable strength and durability. The technology used is the application of manufacturing techniques using the latest digital printing on Sintered Stone Slabs, from which various beautiful and cool motifs can be produced, such as natural stone motifs that appear so natural, as well as other interesting motifs.


Sintered Stone Slab Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of Sintered Stone Slab is inspired by the process of making natural stone in the earth’s crust. This process is imitated in a process with the latest technology, where the materials for the manufacture which consist of natural mineral particles are subjected to pressure at very high temperatures to produce Sintered Stone Slab.

Made from several natural minerals which are processed through sintering to produce products that resemble natural stones with various advantages they have. Natural materials as the manufacturing material are granite minerals, glass minerals and natural oxides.

Sintered Stone Slab produced has a quality that can be relied upon. Its strength and longevity are due to its efficient manufacturing process. Other properties are that Sintered Stone Slab is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant and non-porous, and is produced with anti-microbial properties, making it easy to maintain and safe for food.

Comparison of Sintered Stone Slab with other Stone

Sintered Stone Slab vs Granite

There are several differences between Sintered Stone Slab and granite, namely granite is formed naturally while sintered stone is an artificial stone. Because of its natural nature, granite has limited choices both in terms of color and pattern, while sintered stone can have a variety of choices and can easily be adapted to various and even specific needs. Granite has pores so it requires maintenance and polishing every six months, while Sintered Stone Slab has no pores at all so it is watertight.

Sintered Stone Slab vs Marble

Sintered Stone Slab can be made into motifs that resemble marble with various advantages compared to marble including its quality, and the motifs can be made to meet the special needs of the customer, whereas on the other hand marble can only use existing supply options because it is obtained from nature. Sintered Stone Slab is not porous, so maintenance can be said to be easier when compared to marble that needs to be treated or polished.

Sintered Stone Slab is becoming increasingly popular and is a trending building or furniture material because of its attractive appearance and ability to meet consumer needs for the desired pattern and motif. The latest and innovative products, always updated with the latest developments and design styles, produce the highest quality products and can be used multifunctionally for various purposes. This is the reason why sintered stone has become popular and is widely used as a material for various purposes.