Aluminium Ingot Manufacturers in Indonesia

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Aluminum Ingots are made from processed bauxite which is then electrolyzed into ingots. Aluminum ingot itself has many uses, from as an additional material for making gates, cars, to kitchen utensils or can lids.

The Indonesian aluminum ingot manufacturer received an increase in orders from year to year, both for domestic and international markets. It can be concluded that the use of aluminum ingots is also increasing. This is an open opportunity because processing factories are still limited, so it is natural that demand for exports will also increase. The products produced are also quite diverse, from aluminum ingots, alloys and billets.

Indonesian aluminum ingots produce continuously with a greater volume of demand, causing production preparations with high quality standards to meet market demands abroad and domestically. International quality standards have been and are always applied in the manufacturing process that uses renewable technology, following the times. Everything is done for consumer satisfaction as the main thing, by still paying attention to a healthy lifestyle, green environment so that the sustainability of raw materials is maintained, and at the same time maintaining environmental sustainability.

The seriousness of the factory in developing future production can be seen by investing in aluminum ingot materials. By investing in this machine, of course, it will increase production capacity as well as manufacture and maintain
efficiency at every stage of its manufacture, as well as being able to increase the ability to fulfill every order, according to the order, especially the factor of production capacity.

Aluminum bar quality standards follow international regulations in order to maintain production quality. With a predetermined level of purity, to then be shaped into a pre-planned final result. In addition to exports, the use of Indonesian aluminum ingots is also used to meet increasing domestic needs. This sometimes causes a decrease in stock so that the price also increases. So the increase in production is expected to cover all the needs for aluminum ingots made in Indonesia.