Aluminum Window Models to Beautify Your Home

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The window is one of the important parts of the house, as a regulation of entry and exit of air and light rays. This is important because in order to keep the air circulation healthy and the room in the house is not damp. Many materials are used as materials for making home windows, one of which is popular is the use of aluminum. To further expand the options for its use, in the following you can see the various models of aluminum windows that can be applied to homes according to taste.

The use of aluminum windows is widely chosen by people nowadays because it is relatively safe as an open part of the room in the house. Besides that, the minimalist shape gives a neat and clean impression to the house, as well as displays a modern impression on the overall design of the house. The lightweight aluminum material is also one of its advantages because it makes the process of opening and closing windows practical and easy.


1. Standard Aluminum Window Model

The shape of this standard aluminum window model is quite simple with a minimalist appearance. This model is simple and easy to open or close. You can also play color combinations to make it look prettier, for example by choosing black for the trellis of your house, making it appear in contrast so it can look more beautiful.

2. Simple Aluminum Window Model

The design concept displays simplicity in appearance and open and close operation. The dominant model with straight line elements, as well as the appearance of a large glass area. Likewise, the appearance of the frame is also simple, there is no need for various ornaments. The hooks used are easy to attach and remove, you just have to push or pull if you want to open or close the window which is of course very practical. This type of model can be suitable for use in minimalist homes, especially on the second floor.

3. Full Set Aluminum Window Model

If you want air circulation to take place optimally, you can choose a full set of aluminum window models, which can be installed adjacent to the entrance, and installed in parallel formations, with relatively the same height, so that air can enter and leave with great relief, as well as sunlight can enter to the maximum making the room brighter and refreshing.

4. Folding Aluminum Window Model

With this folding window model, it makes it easier to open and close it, as well as an alternative model choice when you are bored with the appearance of ordinary windows that seem monotonous. The house can also be more attractive with a folding design as well as being simpler because of its practical operation.

5. Patterned Aluminum Window Model

If you like aesthetic additions to the appearance of the window, you can choose one that has a pattern or pattern on the window glass. In addition to a more beautiful appearance, its cross-section also makes the house feel more private, because it can disguise the shadows of the occupants inside, thereby maintaining privacy from people who are outside or passing by. The use of this type is suitable for parts of the living room with a choice of motifs that can be chosen according to taste, for example floral motifs or stacked rectangular motifs.

6. Aluminum Sliding Window Model

One of the popular and widely used models is the sliding aluminum window, or also known as the sliding window model. A suitable place for its use is usually placed in the bathroom or bedroom. Its use is practical and does not require additional free space.

7. Small Aluminum Window Model

For small windows, aluminum can also be used. With the addition of hooks with unique curves or certain motifs, even though they are small, they can still present a beautiful view while still functioning as a window.

.8. Large Aluminum Window Models

This model is also commonly called a fixed window, where its main function is as natural lighting for the room in the house. The room becomes brighter even without lights, because it gets sunlight in the morning, afternoon and evening.