Apartment Wooden Floors, Beautiful Appearance and Many Benefits

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Wooden floors for apartments are now increasingly popular and are being used more and more, because from an aesthetic point of view it looks very charming as well as in terms of the benefits it gets. It is suitable for use both for indoor or interior or for exterior rooms. The wooden floor of this apartment can be made from several wood raw materials that are suitable for that. Here are some materials that are popularly used as wooden floors for apartments.


Teak Solid Wood Parquet

Teak wood is the best wood choice for use for various building materials or furniture purposes, including for apartment wooden floors. The quality is recognized as the best among many other wood choices, including being famous for its durability and being sturdy and strong so that its use can last a long time. Teak Solid Wood Parquet made from real teak wood is suitable as a material for apartment wooden floors.

Merbau Solid Wood Parquet

Apart from teak, other high-quality wood is merbau. This material is very suitable as a raw material for making wooden apartment floors. Merbau wood can also be relied on for its quality, a strong and durable material for long-lasting use.

Engineered wood parquet

Apart from using solid wood as the base material for flooring, you can also use engineered wood which is a mixture of solid wood with other materials such as for example multiplex. This type of wood is very good as a substitute for using solid wood, and of course the costs that must be incurred are cheaper and economical. Likewise, the installation process is also easier.

Wood pattern vinyl flooring

If you don’t use wood but still want to use wood motifs as an apartment floor, you can use vinyl flooring which is of course the cheapest option among the others, but still gets a beautiful atmosphere and beautiful decoration on a charming wood pattern floor. Various kinds of wood motifs can be chosen according to taste and in accordance with the overall interior decoration of the room.


Wood floors with high aesthetic value

Wooden floors for apartments give a distinct impression with a fairly high aesthetic value, with unique wood motifs and patterns, giving a natural and natural impression, including giving the apartment a luxurious impression. Wooden floors give the impression of a unique view as well as pleasing to the eye, especially when combined with other decorations such as decorative plant pots, nature-themed paintings and others that make the overall appearance of the apartment look exotic and amazing.

Benefits of Wood Floors in Apartments

The use of wooden floors in apartments apart from being aesthetically pleasing has an attractive appearance, it also has other benefits that can be obtained. One of them is in terms of apartment maintenance. The maintenance performed on the wooden floor of the apartment is quite simple, easy to clean and can be done at any time so it won’t be difficult to care for it.

The wooden floor also has the function of maintaining the temperature balance in the room in the apartment, especially dealing with temperature changes which usually change extremes when the weather changes. The use of wood as the basic material for apartment floors is also environmentally friendly, because it is made from natural materials that will not disturb the environment. The use of wood materials for apartment floors is also safe for everyone, from adults, the elderly and children, so there is no need to worry in terms of safety with the use of wood as the basic material for floors in apartments.

Thus the discussion about wooden floors for apartments, types and advantages and benefits when using them

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