Bali Handicrafts, Typical of the Indonesian Island of the Gods

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The island of Bali is indeed full of special things, not only being the main center of tourist destinations in Indonesia and the world, Bali is also famous for having amazing works of art, displaying Bali Handicrafts the peak of creations that highlight the uniqueness and original characteristics of this island of the gods.

This is also reflected in the various works of art, handicrafts typical of Bali. In the following, you will be informed of various handicrafts typical of Bali, made by skilled and experienced artists for generations, and become the distinctive identity of original works of art from Bali, Indonesia.


Various Types of Bali Handicrafts

1. Balinese carving

Balinese carvings have their own characteristics, even each village has its own characteristics. Balinese carvings are mostly implemented through wood and stone facilities, with carving inspiration coming from the absorption of ancient Javanese or Hindu culture. The theme of the carvings is like the inspiration for the symbols of the gods, but along with the times, now there are also many other motifs that have become inspirations such as carvings of humans, animals, expressive faces and many more.

  • Papatran, are carvings of leaves and floral motifs. each made with their own philosophy.
  • Kekarangan, a carving in the form of an animal, usually emphasizes the head.
  • Keketusan, is a plant motif with a repeating pattern
  • Sculpture Carving, realizing various forms of sculpture crafts.
  • Relief carvings, embossed carvings to decorate buildings, are made with various philosophies or story messages.

2. Balinese Handicraft Painting

Painting is also one of the works of art that characterizes and is one of the most popular handicrafts. In the past, Balinese paintings used to tell stories about legends or related to religion, but now there are also many modern works of art with more diverse theme motifs.

In typical Balinese art galleries, you can find many works of art, such as the one in Ubud. You can also find them at the Balinese art market in special locations that are easy to find. Unique paintings with various themes can be found at the Sukawati art market, Bali.

3. Balinese Silver Jewelry Craft

Balinese silver handicrafts have the characteristic of using white silver with a little additional use of burnt black silver. The details of Balinese silver crafts are famous for the complexity of their designs, as well as the high level of creativity made by experienced Balinese artists, resulting in various forms of stunning silver crafts such as bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces that have elegant designs with strong Balinese characteristics. Villages that are famous for Balinese silver crafts include Celuk Village.

4. Balinese Woven Fabrics and Batik

Balinese traditional cloth crafts can be seen in a variety of Balinese woven products and the distinctive patterns of Balinese Batik. In addition, there are other specific product forms from Balinese fabrics such as sarongs, dyed fabrics, to double ikat fabrics. Even for its manufacture, it takes a certain precision and patience, for example for double ikat cloth, it can take a year to make it to completion.

5. Herbal Spa Products

Handmade products for herbal spas are also widely available in Bali, because as is known, this island is a representative place to relax and unwind, including for spas so that related products also get a place in the hearts of the people. This herbal spa product is made with authentic Balinese ingredients, including essential oils and other herbal products. One of the products that are in high demand is the perfumed soap, which is a homemade Balinese soap.

6. Balinese Weaving Crafts

Woven crafts are also widely found in Bali, because many artists can produce various woven crafts or rattan crafts from various materials such as rattan, wood and bamboo. Woven with intricate details produces creative and unique designs characterized by handicrafts from Bali. Examples of woven crafts that are often found are rattan bags, hats, or baskets.

Balinese rattan bags have even been able to penetrate the export market and have many enthusiasts. Bags that are neatly woven, and have a variety of patterns and models to choose from, have other advantages, namely environmental friendliness, easy maintenance, durable and easy to maintain and also competitive prices.

7. Balinese Mask

If you want to get Balinese souvenirs that are easy to carry, one of the choices is Balinese masks. This mask is made of wood or can also be made of clay. In Bali, this mask is often used and worn for traditional ceremonies or other public events. There are also various forms of Balinese masks, such as humans, animals, puppet figures or other forms. One of the highlights is the carving mask craft.

8. Coconut Shell Crafts

As the name suggests, this craft is made from unused coconut shells. This material, by Balinese artists is transformed into a beautiful work of art that can also have a function. Coconut shells can be accessories, household appliances, jugs and other unique forms.

There are so many varieties of authentic Balinese handicrafts, and now they have turned into a home industry that is capable of becoming a commodity to be exported to various destinations in foreign countries. Tourists can also enjoy these handicrafts as interesting souvenirs from their visit from Bali. We can find these products directly to handicraft-producing villages, or we can also find them in art markets which are located in various well-known places. The gift shop also provides space for Balinese handicrafts.

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