Balinese Wooden Statues Bali: Producing Areas and How to Make them

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One of the Balinese crafts that appear enchanting, exotic and unique, attracting attention is the craft of carving traditional Balinese wooden statues. Local handicrafts that have succeeded worldwide and whose popularity is undeniable, are known domestically to foreign countries, and have even become one of the export commodities that sell well in the international market. The distinctive feature of Balinese sculpture is the motif depicting wayang characters.

Balinese sculpture is a home craft industry, where there are industrial centers that specialize in managing it. One area that produces a lot of this craft is in the area of Gianyar Regency, Bali. Many are finally attracted there to see first hand, the skills of the original Balinese sculptor who has expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is not surprising that in the village of Mas, Gianyar Regency, Bali, for example, it receives many visits from tourists from various regions, even foreign tourists, because seeing first hand the Balinese statue craft center has entered the calendar of tourist destinations which is a shame not to be missed. Apart from seeing it first hand, they can also buy it as one of the Balinese souvenirs. But for those who haven’t had the chance to come here, you can also meet him at the art markets which are spread across Bali.

The price of this Balinese carved sculpture varies, depending on the size, the level of complexity of manufacture and the artistic value it produces. There is no doubt about the quality of his work, because it is made by experts, of course it is of good quality and does not disappoint.


Gianyar Regency Center for Bali Wooden Statues Crafts

If you want to come to the center of the most famous craft, of course, Gianyar district is the place. One that deserves to be the main focus of attention, of course, is the handicraft of Balinese sculptures. Here, for example, in the village of Mas, there are many art galleries where the places have also been arranged neatly, lined with art shops that display window displays of a wealth of Balinese handicrafts.

Balinese sculptural art is made with high quality, the best original tropical wood raw materials from Indonesia, which is then carved with qualified expertise, producing beautiful Balinese works, details are paid attention to in such a neat and meticulous way in every corner of the work produced.

Each sculptor has his own characteristics about his work, has a uniqueness that is not owned by the others. The manufacturing process also requires a relatively long time, because it requires a high level of accuracy, both in terms of shape, carving details, ornaments that are made. The type of wood also determines the results of each of these crafts

Therefore, the price offered for each work also varies. Some can be purchased for tens of thousands of rupiah, but there are also those that have to pay hundreds of millions for a piece of Balinese sculpture. There are even statues measuring up to 2 meters high, which take 3 to 5 months to make from start to finish.

The Process of Making Balinese Wooden Statue

The manufacture of Balinese sculpture carvings begins with the selection of raw materials for their manufacture. The wood commonly used is suar or trembesi wood. In addition, other wood materials commonly used are teak, rosewood, meranti, albesia, sandalwood, ebony, hibiscus, bentawas or other suitable types of wood.

The next process is to sculpt the general pattern with the rough carving pattern first. After that use small knives to make details like the desired model. After completing all these processes, it is then refined with sandpaper so that a complete result is formed.