Bamboo Fence that Appear Unique, Natural, Exotic and Modern at the Same Time

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Bamboo fence is a natural concept design style that can be applied to produce an environmentally friendly home appearance. In addition, the atmosphere also becomes cooler and appears more aesthetic and unique. The concept of an eco-friendly house is a popular choice of home design today with the use of materials that return to nature, such as fences made of bamboo.

Bamboo is a natural and natural material that has environmentally friendly properties because one of its characteristics is that it is easy to recycle. Another advantage it has is that it is heat-resistant, rain-resistant and very flexible in combination with other materials for various desired looks. This is why bamboo has become popular as a suitable material for beautifying the exterior appearance of a house or house facade, so that its appearance gives a more natural and natural impression.

Here are some views of the fence design that can provide inspiration for how it looks that can amaze many people who see it.


Examples of Bamboo House Fence Designs

1. Japanese Style Bamboo Fence

The appearance of the bamboo house fence design is like the style of houses in Japan, with a characteristic that extends around the house and is equipped with a roof at the top. Classic style like old Japanese houses complete with bamboo fences make you feel like you are in Japan, the country of origin of this fence design.

2. Combination of Bamboo and Wood Fence

As previously discussed, bamboo is a suitable material to be combined with various other materials and displays beautiful combinations, one of which is the combination of bamboo and wood. Another advantage of bamboo can be easily formed and made into certain unique models. A fence with a cross-section of wood at the top produces a unique and beautiful view, as well as the shape of the wood with a hollow shape at the top, which can be used to make pots for ornamental plants that further enhance the appearance.

3. Brown Vertical Bamboo Fence

The appearance of a tall bamboo fence about 2-3 meters vertically, with a combination of the use of solid wood at the ends. then given a final touch of brown paint, both on the bamboo and wood which serves as a cover, making the appearance look sturdy and strong.

4. Combination Bamboo Fence with Iron

Bamboo fences can also look beautiful when combined with iron materials, giving the impression of a modern minimalist fence while still giving off natural and natural accents. A bamboo fence with a railing made of black iron successfully gives a look that is both sturdy and elegant as well as exotic.

5. Combination Bamboo Fence with concrete

Another suitable combination is the appearance of a bamboo fence combined with a concrete fence, designed in such a way that it is an interesting blend of traditional and modern styles, which look unified and harmonious. This is because bamboo is very flexible to be combined with various materials and looks beautiful and attractive.

6. Modern Bamboo Fence

Fences made of bamboo are also not inferior to other designs and materials, able to appear modern. Shown with designs that are arranged vertically, and painted in dark colors, such as brown, then complemented by decorative flowers or ornamental plants for today’s modern look.

7. Short Long Combination Bamboo Fence

By displaying creativity and artistic taste, bamboo fences can also appear with unique and beautiful designs with a combination of long and short bamboo installations arranged randomly so that the final appearance is like back to nature, the natural atmosphere present in front of the house.

8. Small Size Bamboo Fence

The type of bamboo used for this bamboo fence design is small in size and arranged tightly, giving the design an appearance with a fairly thick rustic feel. To further beautify the appearance, you can add it by placing several flower pots with various kinds, so that the exterior appearance of the house becomes more beautiful overall.

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