Beautiful Beaches Around Jakarta You Should Visit

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If you are in Jakarta and want to take the time to relax and enjoy nature, it turns out there are many tourist attractions available, including beaches. The beaches around Jakarta offer beautiful views and their own unique nuances, not inferior to the beaches in Bali, so you don’t need to go far to enjoy a comfortable beach atmosphere and make your body and mind fresh again. The advantage of visiting the beach in Jakarta is that it is close, so it is very efficient to travel there, you don’t need to leave Jakarta far.

Relaxing on the beach is an interesting activity, especially for those who want a calm atmosphere while enjoying beautiful sea views, views of the sunrise or the sun setting on the horizon. A very suitable place for tourists who are in Jakarta, or for foreign business people who are having activities in Jakarta, or even local tourists.

The following is information about beaches around Jakarta, which can be a recommendation for those of you who want to enjoy the holiday atmosphere or free time by going to the beach


1. Ancol Beach

This beautiful beach is the closest beach around Jakarta, in fact it is still within the administrative area, located in the northern area of ​​the city center. In this place there is also a Taman Impian Jaya Ancol playground with various entertainment rides as a very complete family recreation area. So besides being able to enjoy the beach atmosphere, you can also try various interesting rides here such as Fantasy World, Seaworld Ride, Atlantis, Halilintar Ride and many more.

2. PIK 2 White Sand Beach

Now the beautiful Kapuk beach area, in the area north of the city of Jakarta, has increasingly developed and is increasingly known as one of the beach tourist attractions in Jakarta, one of which is the PIK 2 white sand beach. This place is an artificial beach, a 3 km long reclaimed beach from Jakarta Bay with sand imported from Bangka Island. Its strategic and easily accessible location makes it increasingly popular as a beach tourist destination around the city of Jakarta.

3. Muara Pluit Beach

You can get a calm and peaceful atmosphere at this beach, because the atmosphere is hidden, located in an elite residential area north of Jakarta. The beauty of the sea combined with views of high-rise buildings, as well as views of rows of cruise ships anchored, is a new alternative Jakarta beach tourism area with its own beauty and impression. Very easy access and the location in the city of Jakarta itself is an attraction for trying to visit this beach.

4. Marunda Beach

The beach is legendary and there is a lot of history about this place, which has been known since ancient times as a beach access to Batavia, the ancient city of Jakarta. The beach with its traditional fishing village also has beautiful views, including its underwater beauty. Many historical sites are located in this place and can still be seen for those who want to reminisce about the past of the city of Jakarta.

5. Florida Beach

This beach is west of Jakarta, the distance is approximately 150 kilometers, can be reached by car for 2 hours. The advantage of this beach is that it has white sand, and the sunset view is truly amazing. Exotic beaches with a calm atmosphere are very supportive for those of you who want to heal, relieve fatigue and seek the tranquility of a natural atmosphere.

6. Carita Beach

The beach with a view of brownish white sand, located west of the city of Jakarta, can be reached with a travel time of approximately 3 hours. This beach has been famous and popular for a long time and has been managed professionally, and representative accommodation or hotels are also available. There are also various water rides that can be enjoyed such as banana boats, jet skis, snorkeling and there are also tube rentals for those who want to swim or soak at the beach.

7. Sawarna Beach

Including beautiful beaches with natural views including rows of cliffs and rocks as well as natural caves that can be explored, this can create exotic and challenging views and experiences. The beach is spread out with white sand, accompanied by quite large waves, very suitable for those who want to surf. The calm and natural atmosphere is equipped with homestay facilities for those who want to stay overnight, with a distance of around four and a half hours from Jakarta.

8. Anyer Beach

This beach has been famous for a long time as a popular beach tourist spot around Jakarta. The distance to Anyer beach from Jakarta is around two and a half hours. Beautiful panorama with a wide expanse of sand, from here you can also see the view of the sub-mountain cluster Krakatau, a chain of mountains in the middle of the sea, which has a legendary story of a very powerful eruption a long time ago and is still active today.

9. Tanjung Lesung Beach

The beauty of the beach views to the west parts from Jakarta can be reached with a travel time of approximately 4 hours. Apart from the beautiful beach views, in the distance you can also see the Krakatoa mountain range, an underwater mountain which is still active today. For those who want to enjoy underwater views, this is also the right place because it is famous for its beauty.

10. Sambolo Beach

A beautiful beach with calm waves, located west of the city of Jakarta, can be reached in about 2 and a half hours. The location is strategic so it is easy to reach, no need to take confusing routes. The facilities and playground facilities are also complete, you can choose the activities you are interested in, or just want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on this calm beach.

11. Tidung Island Beach

A favorite tourist destination located off the coast of Jakarta, precisely in one of the Thousand Islands group. Beach tourism with unquestionable scenic beauty and also amazing underwater views. Various beach tourism activities are complete and can be done here because the supporting facilities are also very complete, making for a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience. The journey from Jakarta takes approximately 2 and a half hours by ferry or 1 hour by speed boat

12. Pasir Perawan Beach

To the north of Jakarta off the coast there are the Thousand Islands which also offer many beautiful beach views, one of which is the virgin sand beach. Amazing views can be seen here, from the stretching white sand, the expanse of coral cliffs and exotic coconut trees to the expanse of blue sea water around the beach. This place is precisely on Pari Island, which can be reached in 2 and a half hours to Pari Island and an hour’s drive to the location.

13. Pulau Perak Beach

Another group of beautiful beaches in the Thousand Islands is Pulau Perak Beach, which can be accessed from Harapan Island, and from Jakarta it takes approximately 3 hours by car. Apart from having beautiful beach views, it also has beautiful natural underwater views. In this place you can also hold camping activities in a representative place that is close to nature.

14. Bidadari Island Beach

This is one of the beautiful beaches in the Thousand Islands, which can be reached by traveling approximately two hours by ferry, or if you want to go faster by speed boat. Apart from enjoying the beautiful beach views or playing with the various rides available, here you can also see ancient buildings left over from the colonial era, namely the Dutch Martello Fort.

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