Black Tea Supplier Wholesale from Indonesia

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Black tea supplier wholesale from Indonesia with own plantation facilities and self-processing. Produck Black tea has become a commodity for export abroad, such as to Australia and countries in Europe. Superior products are quality processed with complete detailed specifications, becoming the largest agricultural industry in Indonesia. Plantation and processing are integrated into an integrated production unit, from upstream to downstream, so that quality control is better maintained in order to obtain superior quality black tea.

Indonesian black tea suppliers have always been at the forefront of quality and service. The processing process is closely monitored according to production quality standards, while still prioritizing natural processes so that the aroma and taste of black tea are well preserved. The taste and aroma of black tea is the most important thing to maintain, this determines the brewing in enjoying black tea itself. Each type has a fanatical aroma and taste, so it is necessary to make efforts to maintain its authenticity.



Tea lovers certainly really understand how the quality of black tea from Indonesia is. Packaging in various sizes is also carried out in order to meet consumer demand, where orders can be made in the form of wholesale, bulk purchases by shipping to the destination country according to the order. Black tea itself can be exported in various types, either in powder form, in extrat form or in the form of leaves. Packaging is also available in various forms, but of course it does not reduce the taste and aroma.

Black tea from Indonesia with a more delicious taste, a distinctive aroma that is known to tea lovers around the world, selected from selected tea leaves, in tea plantations with the most suitable climate in Indonesia. The large selection of black tea makes it easy for tea lovers to determine their favorite taste. A cup of black tea will always be able to initiate and accompany daily activities with more enthusiasm. Once a favorite, it will always be a reference and always remember the taste of the taste.