Celuk Village, the center of Balinese Silver Craft

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The center of the most famous silver craft in Bali is in the village of Celuk, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. The location is not far from Denpasar and easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Silver Celuk handicrafts are known for their high quality and bold motifs. Along with Bali becoming one of the world’s tourism icons, the celuk silver handicraft has also been lifted, becoming one of the typical Balinese handicraft souvenirs that are much sought after by local and foreign tourists.

Not only being a souvenir for tourists, the silver handicraft industry has also gone global and has become one of the most sought-after export commodities. This cannot be separated from its good quality, which is also supported by various motifs. Models and designs also follow the times so that they are well received in the world market. In addition, the production capacity of silver in Celuk is very large, so it can meet market demand.

Various models and shapes are made from this silver, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and various other types of jewelry. Apart from jewelery there are also other forms such as statues, cutlery and the like, all of which are of export quality and have their own markets both locally and internationally. Not forgetting that the latest designs and innovations are always displayed as well as producing silver handicrafts with strong Balinese characteristics.



Visit to Celuk Village, the Center for Silver Crafts in Bali

If you come to Celuk village, you will immediately find displays on glass shelves in almost every corner of the village. This place is usually called an artshop or workshop, and the locations are lined up close to each other, making it easier for those who want to see the variety of existing silver art works. This is because almost all residents in the area depend on their work activities as silver craftsmen and become experts in their field. Many silver handicraft shops are found here, so that visitors can easily see various models of silver handicrafts.

If you don’t want to buy, visitors can also just look at the various silver handicraft creations. Silver handicrafts from Celuk can also be found on displays in other tourist attractions in Bali, such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and other tourist attractions in Bali.

Price of Balinese Silver Crafts

Because the market is also for tourists from abroad, the displays on the glass shelves are also displayed in English, so that all visitors, both local and foreign, are not confused about product details and prices. The price of each product also varies, from 35 thousand rupiahs to those that cost millions of rupiahs.

Regarding this price, there are those who sell at a fixed price, not negotiable, but it is also not uncommon to find shops where the price can still be negotiated. If something is interesting and wants to buy it, the buyer can bid on the price from the label that has been pinned on each product item being sold.

Celuk as a tourist destination in Bali

Apart from being a place for buying and selling silver handicrafts, Celuk Village is also a destination for tourists who want to see the process of making silver handicrafts up close. With open arms, the residents welcome those who want to see the manufacture first hand, from the initial process until the silver is completely finished. In fact, this place has also been included in the tourist calendar for tour and travel service providers in Bali, as one of the most interesting destinations worth visiting.

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