Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in Indonesia

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Indonesian Ceramic Tile is one of Indonesia’s leading export commodities that is able to prove the quality of its products. The variety of ceramic tiles from Indonesia is quite complete to meet the demand, both in texture, material and thickness. Whatever your needs for floors in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and other rooms, ceramic tiles are perfect for use. Ceramic can also be used for wall decoration, as a whole to beautify the room.

Indonesian Ceramic Tile has been able to prove its existence and quality in the international market

The ceramic tile industry in Indonesia has developed very far, this is because it has abundant resources and materials. The number of Indonesian Ceramic Tile producers, due to the abundant natural resources in various regions in Indonesia. Moreover, technological touches have been introduced and used thoroughly for mass production. The increasing demand for ceramic tiles is evidenced by the increasing number of exports to other countries, such as the United States, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in Indonesia are increasingly increasing production, because domestic and foreign demand is increasing. This is supported by government regulations in order to boost Indonesia’s export volume and to stimulate ceramic tile production. One of the areas where Indonesian Ceramic Tile Manufacturers are located is in Tulungagung, East Java Province.

The ceramic tile collection from Indonesia fulfills various needs, including accommodating trends and modern architectural styles in various styles, according to today’s up-to-date lifestyle. The manufacture also uses sophisticated machines so that it guarantees the final result of this product. The main principle that is held is product durability, design and continuous application of advanced technology is always held to produce products of indisputable quality. Collection of accent choices can be selected from the marble style, stone style, natural, mosaic designs, all of them are available. Prime quality is implemented in products that meet international industry standards, a perfect production combustion process produces quality ceramic tiles, which are resistant to weather and loads.