Choice of Minimalist Furniture that is Suitable for Use in Apartments

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If you live in an apartment, of course the space is not as free as if you lived in an ordinary house with a spacious front yard or back room, especially if the apartment you live in is a studio type, the area will be even more limited. But many also choose to live in apartments, because of the various advantages they have, for example, they are more comfortable than living in boarding houses, the interior design is more classy and elegant and the security system is more secure.

However, due to the limited space in the apartment area, to make it more comfortable, care must be taken in choosing the furniture used to fill the apartment. It should be noted the size factor in addition to the aesthetic value that needs attention. Don’t let the furniture you buy make the room even more cramped and cramped.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the selection of furniture that is suitable for filling apartments with limited space

1. Folding Table

The choice of using a folding table that can be used and folded after use is one furniture that is very appropriate for saving room space. This folding table can be used for various purposes, from working to eating, and can be practically folded and pressed against the wall as soon as it’s finished, so that the room still feels spacious.

2. Insulating Cabinet

Sometimes you need insulation in the apartment to divide the room and maintain privacy in each room. For this reason, you can use a partition which can also function as a cupboard to store various kinds of items, from furniture, household appliances, and can even be used to store some of your clothes. The open part of the screen can be used to place ornaments, vases or plaques.

3. Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelves can be placed on one part of the wall, which is one of the bright ideas for storage without having to take up the existing space. Items can be placed there and neatly arranged so that they can save space compared to placing a cupboard again.

4. Carpet

The use of carpet in an apartment is suitable as an effort to separate the function of the room, to function as an insulation without having to add more insulation, so that the room can be more spacious. This is enough to confirm that each part of the room has a different function.

5. Clothes Basket

To put clothes that are dirty and need to be washed, inevitably need a clothes basket to be placed in one corner of the apartment. Choose a clothes basket with a unique design, where now there are lots of choices that can make the corner where the clothes basket is located still look attractive.

6. Folding Sofa

Now popular and widely used, a folding sofa can be a place to sit comfortably and relax, but can also be used as an ideal bed, just by pulling it longer and it can instantly become a bed with real function. Very useful for saving room space as well as being a comfortable resting place whether it is as a sofa or as a bed function.

7. Minimalist bed

The choice of a bed or cot as a bed, you can choose a multifunctional one, which is used as a bed, and underneath it can be used as a storage area, because it is designed as a storage shelf that can be opened, moved and closed easily.