Coffee Roasting Machine Recommendations

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Coffee Roasting Machine Recommendations РA coffee roaster is needed to roast dry coffee beans without having to use oil. Usually this machine is widely used by the coffee powder industry with a medium or small scale.

The coffee roaster machine itself can be divided into two, namely a machine that can be done automatically and a coffee roaster machine manually. As for the automatic one, you don’t need to do the coffee back and forth process.

Because in the future the roasting process will be done automatically without you needing to fear that the coffee will be empty. This is different from what is done manually. The recommendations for the best coffee roasting machines are as follows:

What are the recommendations for the best coffee roasting machines?

1. Yami Handy Coffee Roaster
The first coffee roaster that is highly recommended for you is Yami Handy Coffee Roaster. This manual coffee machine is made of ceramic and is priced quite affordable. The advantage that Yami Handy Coffee Roaster has is that besides being cheap, you can also use it even without using your wife.

As for the shortcomings of the machine itself, namely the size that is too small so that the capacity of the coffee beans that can be roasted is even less. In addition, this tool is very easy to break. Therefore you need to be careful when using it so that it doesn’t fall.

2. Gas Stove Burner
The second is the gas compressor burner, this machine only functions as a burner, so if you use it to roast coffee, you still need to use other cooking utensils such as a frying pan. The size of which is about 12 cm long, this tool is very suitable and compatible for use in many brands of gas stoves on the market.

3. Otten Mini Coffee Roaster
Otten mini coffee roaster is a brand that has produced many types of coffee equipment which are quite complete. You can use this one machine to roast coffee.

Using this machine you need at least 500 watts of electrical power. The shape is quite mini, of course, only able to accommodate a limited number of coffee beans. You can only put 300 grams of raw coffee beans into the Otten Mini Coffee Roaster.

4. Rockwook Coffee Roaster
This coffee machine also uses electric power, so it can work automatically. You don’t need to keep turning while doing this coffee roasting process. The capacity of Rockwook Coffee Roaster is also quite large. You can also add 750 grams of raw coffee beans to it.

5. Locally Made Manual Coffee Roaster
Currently, many manual machines are made by local home industries and do not have a brand. However, the quality for these machines is generally quite good and reliable for the coffee roasting process.

Made of stainless steel and how to use it can be placed on the stove. Generally, you can also roast nuts using this machine. The amount of time it takes you to roast the coffee should be at least 20 to 30 minutes.

One example of a manual coffee machine is a coffee roaster with a perforated tube. The tube of this machine is hollow and when using it you should start using a flame that is not too big.