Comprehensive Indonesia Furniture Collections

The development of the furniture industry following world trends produces various kinds of innovations and creativity from new, modern products with a touch of the latest technology to attract attention. This also applies to Indonesia Furniture, which has always been known to be the center of this industry, and has produced many creations, from classics to the latest collections. Various types of the best wood are used as raw materials, supported by supporting materials, making Indonesia furniture has many types and genres to choose from. There are many advantages that can be stated here to explain how Indonesia Furniture can become a favorite of the furniture industry in the world.

The many factors of excellence can be seen from various angles of interest, but of course the first and foremost cannot be separated from the quality of wood as the raw material for Indonesia Furniture. Indonesia is the best producer of teak and mahogany in the world, a country located in the equatorial zone with a tropical climate, very supportive for the growth of trees capable of producing teak and mahogany well. As is known, these two woods are the two best materials for making furniture with the best quality, sturdy and durable, it can be said that once bought for a lifetime.

The second advantage factor for Indonesia Furniture is that typical Indonesian wood carvings have their own beauty and aesthetics, are well known and popular throughout the world. The beauty of Indonesian carvings is very characteristic, made by craftsmen who already have hereditary skills and are rich in patterns. The combination of expertise is able to produce classy, ​​creative Indonesia Furniture products and at the same time can create a modern and minimalist impression.

However, in accordance with the development of modern trends, the Indonesia Furniture industry is also creative in producing contemporary designs, as well as accommodating the demand for reproductions of previously well-known models, including colonial models from various countries.


Indonesia Furniture is One of the Main Export Commodities

Indonesia has produced furniture products from generation to generation since ancient times. This is supported by the country’s position which is in a tropical environment with tropical forests in various locations. Around 60% of Indonesia’s homeland is natural forest, so it is not surprising that the wood processing industry is indeed very developed here, and becomes the foundation of economic hope, including export opportunities. .

That’s why Indonesia Furniture is very rich with various types of models and raw materials for manufacture. Various wood products are also available with the best quality, from teak wood furniture, mahogany, rattan, paper, pulp and various other processed forest products. Inevitably, this is also the foundation of employment opportunities for many people, so it is not surprising that Indonesia Furniture is one of the main industries producing quality furniture in the world.


Various types of wood for Indonesia Furniture

In accordance with the explanation above regarding the richness of various types of wood in Indonesia, the following describes the details of each wood used:

Teak Wood

Teak furniture is Strong, sturdy, durable and luxurious. Teak is the most expensive type of wood and is ideal for the use of luxury and quality furniture.

Mahogany Wood

One level below teak, but also has the characteristics of being strong and durable. Widely used for luxury and classy class furniture.

Suar Wood

Original and distinctive, with beautiful grain characteristics. One of the original wood from tropical forests, producing popular furniture products typical of processed products from this country.


is a wood with blackish characteristics, producing quality furniture products that look sleek but have an elegant feel.


a common type of wood found in tropical forests, and is widely used as a cheaper raw material for furniture for most users.


Completeness of Indonesian Furniture Design, from classic to modern style

The implementation of typical traditional cultural characteristics is displayed well so that it can become an identity for each product offered. But with a fairly good adaptability, has a fairly rich diversity with products that keep up with the times, modern and minimalist. These two products with their respective characteristics are able to enrich the Indonesian Furniture collection to be offered to users.


Handicrafts that are typical of Indonesia’s carvings. Furniture is known to be the result of handicrafts passed down from generation to generation by indigenous peoples from various regions. This is what is superior and can be applied to various craft products and product designs, including solid wood furniture, various sculptures, handicrafts, and many more. The results of these carvings are very beautiful, interesting, unique and very different, having strong characteristics in each of the areas of manufacture. The making of these traditional works does not escape the various stages that must be passed:

  • Wood Raw Materials: raw materials from tropical forest products, enter the processing process at Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer to be sawed, cut to size and needs, dried through the oven process and then through the assembly process.
  • Wood Carving: Once the wood has dried to size, it is ready for engraving. This carving is done by a typical craftsman with extraordinary carving results, with a very strong Indonesian characteristic. All products are moisture controlled to have a sufficiently low moisture content, thus ensuring quality during storage and shipping.
  • Quality Control: is an important stage of all processes that are interconnected and continuous. This is important because Indonesia Furniture Exporter is the main focus point, especially wholesale sales, requiring a very high level of accuracy even for each export-ready product. If there is a slight defect, of course, you must go through a repair process again to be able to pass the quality production requirements of Indonesia Furniture Supplier Company. If it cannot be repaired, it must be removed from stock, and can be used or sold in the domestic market.


Realizing that not all market tastes are in the results of traditional Indonesian furniture carvings, we have also developed products with contemporary themes, modern aesthetics with a minimalist style. Many Indonesian Furniture Suppliers bring in and use modern machines to produce high-tech mass products to meet market needs with high quality standards. Of this type also use synthetic product materials, or use a combination of wood with other materials such as iron, aluminum to produce modern furniture products and keep up with the times. Products with simple and modern minimalist characteristics as well as more affordable prices and able to be produced in larger quantities.


In Which Parts of the house can Indonesia Furniture be used?

Indonesia Furniture with various types can be used in various corners of the room in your home. This can be a strong support for any home style, both traditional to modern minimalist home styles. Here are creative placement ideas that can be applied:

Dining Room

The use of Indonesian Furniture has an amazing visual effect, beautifying the atmosphere of your dining room. A collection of dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards and other supporting furniture can bring a refreshing atmosphere to the dining room.

Family Room

requires a relaxed, stylish and comfortable atmosphere to live in at the same time. With a collection from Indonesia Furniture, this can be obtained, because all these elements can be fulfilled properly. Coffee tables, teak sofas, or carved end tables are all elegant and classy products.


here requires comfort as the main factor, including the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom model, of course making the bedroom the most comfortable place in the house so that we can feel at home for long there. The Indonesian Furniture collection is very complete for that, from teak beds, dressing tables, chairs and bedroom sofas, all of which guarantee your comfort in a comfortable and classy bedroom.


Indonesia Furniture’s most popular wood carving results

Of the many Indonesian Furniture carving craftsmen as well as suppliers of mass production for export consumption, here are some popular works that have been well-known to foreign countries. Usually this is divided based on the producing area of ​​the production. Here are some of the popular ones:

Jepara Furniture

The typical Jepara style is the work of the city of Jepara, Central Java province, Indonesia which has many wood carving craftsmen for generations. Characteristics full of style elegance but simple form support is shown in solid wood products. The original Jepara motifs in traditional Javanese style with some influences from immigrants such as European, Arabic and Chinese styles also produce a blend of elegance and beauty. Some patterns of Jepara style can be grouped in the following patterns:

  • Natural patterns: various models of carving styles from nature inspire many carving forms. This, for example, can be seen in the results of carvings with floral motifs, leaves, fruits or the style of vines.
  • Contemporary Patterns: these patterns are developed according to custom export orders. By accommodating custom wishes but still presenting aesthetic factors, producing contemporary works with high aesthetic value. Regarding the style, it is more or less the same as natural patterns, with a touch of technology and modern style.

Jogja (Yogyakarta) Furniture

as the name implies, Indonesia Furniture is produced in the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta on the island of Java, has a style that combines influences from Hindu, Buddhist and Chinese cultures, featuring beautiful motifs such as dragon motifs, floral motifs, garuda motifs and geometric motifs.

Bali Furniture

motifs from the Balinese style itself have an antique and classic style of Indonesian Furniture. In fact, it is an unfinished product from Java, which was brought to Bali, and then given a touch of classic style showing a Balinese aesthetic aura. Basic Jepara and Yogyakarta style but given a contemporary touch so as to produce a fantastically beautiful work.


Thus a description of the beauty and details of Indonesia Furniture. Various works from various regions in Indonesia are able to produce industries that are the main support for Indonesian export products as a whole. Products that are famous for their strength, sturdiness and beauty in each item, so it is a matter of pride to have a collection of Indonesia Furniture for interior and exterior, whatever your needs for quality furniture.