Inspiration of Aesthetic and Cool Concrete Roster Fences

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The fence is one of the important elements of the house that serves to protect and provide aesthetic beauty to the facade. One of the ideas for making a house fence is to make it in the form of a concrete roster that has options and models in various styles.

Roster itself usually functions as a partition between rooms or as a dividing partition to separate a room into certain parts. In addition, because of its hollow shape, the rooster can also function as ventilation for the house, which circulates wind so that the atmosphere in the house can be cooler and less humid. By using this roster fence, some of the advantages that can be taken are that it is sturdy, resistant to all kinds of weather, and can also choose a pattern from a variety of motifs that are widely available.

The idea of a fence made of rooster is now becoming widely known, and has become one of the contemporary fence trends. The rooster itself can be made of various materials such as cement, brick or concrete. On this occasion, we will get to know and know more about the various types of concrete rosters, which can be an inspiration for house fences.


1. Minimalist Concrete Roster

Concrete Roster Fence which is made simple with roster holes that are not too big, so that it can still maintain the privacy of the occupants of the house inside. This type is suitable to be applied to a minimalist home without highlighting the impression of luxury but appearing aesthetically.

2. Diamond motif Concrete Roster

This diamond motif pattern is very beautiful to look at and looks more attractive from a distance, as if it has two motifs at once, namely the diamond motif and the circular roster motif which is a combination that gives an aesthetic and attractive impression, not appearing ordinary.

3. Small Circle Concrete Roster

The style of the small circle motif from top to bottom, both horizontal and vertical with a symmetrical arrangement, displays simplicity while still having maximum function. Its use is suitable for installation in homes with a minimalist type.

4. Simple Concrete Roster

Concrete Roster Fence with a simple style accentuating its function as a wind channel or ventilation, can function optimally. The cavities in this arrangement are square and arranged alternately and alternately, thus forming a certain symmetrical motif.

5. Concrete Roster Combining Various Motives House ┬ęTrieu Chien

Concrete roster fences can be made even more attractive with a combination of various motifs, resulting in a cool, modern style with an artsy appearance. This model displays the uniqueness of the roster in that it can appear with various motifs and can be displayed on one side, while on the other hand it can also embody other creative results, so that the appearance is unique and nothing can match it. This is truly a work of art that needs to be appreciated.

6. Square Roster Fence

Unlike the simple model which also carries a square appearance, for this model, the ventilation holes have larger openings, so that the area of the house can be exposed clearly using this model, so that people inside the house can see clearly outside the house. It is suitable for extroverted householders and not for those who value privacy.

7. Rectangular Model Concrete Roster

This roster uses concrete with a rectangular size which of course gives more ventilation space, so that light can enter more optimally. The appearance is also aesthetic because the rectangular character gives a different motif than usual.