Custom Made Furniture Indonesia

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Custom Made Furniture Indonesia can be done according to order, design input from the customer, modification by making according to the specifications needed to achieve a satisfying final result. Wooden bku material makes it possible to manufacture custom made furniture, because it is very flexible to be formed as desired. Sharing this type of model can be produced by Indonesia Furniture to produce the best work, of course it also accommodates the desires of customers, especially for wholesale, domestic or export consumption. Headquartered in Jepara, production activities from the beginning of the procurement of raw materials, the production process until the final results are half-finished, or fully finished completely carried out here. The gallery center, workshop, manufacturer and company location are all in Jepara.

Many requests are fulfilled by Custom Made Furniture Indonesia, such as for: Bedroom Furniture (special places for storage, additional accessories at the door, main or additional cabinet), bathroom furniture (especially for vanities and sink shapes), special orders for chairs and tables bar. Custom table top with glass top are custom orders that are in high demand lately. The combination of teak wood and other hardwood materials results in a unique blend of innovative new creations. Kitchen furniture is also able to be custom with the addition of cabinets or the addition of accessories in certain parts, or certain angles.

Custom made furniture creations are not limited to the furniture, but also additional accessories such as pillows, additional handicrafts, creations full of interesting innovations, according to the contract awarded, done according to the agreed custom made furniture designs. Indonesia Furniture is able to serve all custom made orders in large quantities, because the supply of teak raw material is also well maintained.

Making custom made furniture can be done handmade or by machine, of course it is done for large scale orders, wholesale custom. Ordering in large quantities will certainly get the best and competitive prices, because of course the greater the order, the production price of each item decreases. By ordering custom made Indonesian furniture, you will get a unique design, exclusive products that are no match, practically tailored to the needs of each user.