Different Types of Wood Crafts

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Wood craft is one of the favorite crafts in some circles of society. Because it has an old-school, unique, and aesthetic impression, wood crafts are starting to be in great demand again. In addition, wooden crafts are also durable because these crafts use quality wood materials.

Here are the results of wood crafts that you can use as inspiration as decorations or items that you will use every day, including:

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What Kinds of Crafts are Made of Wood?


1. Table Lamps and Decorative Lamps

If you want to make the appearance of your work desk or study desk look more unique and aesthetic, a wooden table lamp might be the solution. Because with wood, the set up of your work desk or study table will look more simple but still have an aesthetic element.

Currently, there are many online shops that sell table lamps made of wood. For the price issue, you don’t need to worry, because the price of this wooden table lamp is still relatively cheap and can be reached even by students’ pockets. The price of this wooden table lamp is priced in the range of 100 thousand rupiah.

2. Coasters

Next is coasters, where these wooden coasters are usually made of pine wood. With the original shape of pine wood, only a finishing touch is needed to get a look that has a higher selling price.

Because now almost all work is done from home, these wooden coasters will be perfect when combined with your work desk setting. If you want a unique and attractive workbench but still looks simple.

3. Cotted Bed

We have found a lot of beds made of wood before. Not only strong, this wooden couch can also give a natural room atmosphere and you will get a natural impression that makes you feel cool and comfortable when you are in the room.

This wooden cot is suitable for those of you who have a room with a wooden concept or a natural concept that makes wood the main element in your room.

4. Mirror

Crafts from wood that have many enthusiasts, one of which is a decorative mirror. This decorative mirror made of wood is widely used as decoration in the living room or sometimes also used as a mirror that is placed above the sink to get a beautiful and cool impression.

The price of this mirror is quite high, which is in the range of Rp. 500,000 for a wooden mirror with a diameter of 60 cm.

5. Watches and Phone Cases

In addition to the items mentioned above, recently there have been new innovations from wood crafts, namely watches and cases made of wood. You can find these wooden watches and cellphone cases on social media accounts or online shops.

This wooden watch is suitable for those of you who like vintage themes. Because this wooden watch has a unique and antique impression, it is rare for people to have a watch made of wood.

For the price, this wooden watch can indeed be classified as more expensive. Because the wood used to make this watch uses wood with good quality, durable, and also the process is quite difficult.

In addition to the items mentioned above, there are many other crafts made of wood that can beautify your room, such as wooden calendars, antique radios, flower vases, tables with teak roots, bread holders, wooden tableware, and so on.