46 Ways to Earn Money from Internet as a Main Income

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46 Ways to Earn Money from Internet as a Main Source of Income – The world of online business is now increasingly widespread with the development of technology and the demands of modern needs. More and more opportunities can be explored and their potential can be developed into a serious business that makes money and becomes the main source of work. You can earn money from the internet and the amount is very significant and can even beat the income in conventional jobs. You can get many benefits if your online business can run smoothly, besides getting money from the internet, the work is also flexible and can be remote.

For those of you who are in need of additional income, or haven’t gotten another job due to the current situation, or want to switch professions that are more in line with your passion, then the following types of online jobs are very worth trying, who knows, they can produce, and in the future can be a source of income. main. There are so many types of businesses through the internet that are really serious about making money, of course, you can choose according to your expertise and fit. To choose this type of online business, of course, you need to be careful so that everything is effective.

Some of the types of online businesses below are basically divided into two, namely businesses by utilizing blogs, websites or the like in developing a business, while others can be developed without using a blog or website as a medium, but using other media such as various social media platforms (social media), or other special platforms, participating in online contests or competitions, and many other media will be discussed in detail.

How to earn money from the internet as a main source of income?


1. Create a Blog to Make Money

Blogs are created for various purposes, some are created as a place to express personal expression, for corporate, social purposes and there are also blogs to make money. It’s no secret that blog content can be monetized so for that purpose, then build a blog according to the needs of readers in order to get readers according to the specified segment, and is expected to be able to generate conversions in various ways to make money from blogs.

So, it’s okay if we have the main goal of creating a blog to make money. This is also related to the next step in creating a blog structure, the chosen niche, so that the blog can produce for the long term. Some tips for success in building a blog oriented to earn income from it are as follows:

The topics chosen are general topics. This is because general topics can generate traffic where many people will search for the topic. With the traffic obtained it will be converted to the number of clicks, or the number of leads. Some of these general topics include finance, hobbies, health, education, professions.

Create quality content or articles. This includes the creation of pillar articles and supporting articles, and pay attention to the internal links of each article

Implementing SEO in order to optimize blogs, including to increase blog authorization, so that they can compete in getting the highest ranking in searches on Google.

Conducting media socialization including establishing communication with fellow bloggers, participating in forums and being active on social media so that blogs are increasingly known.

What are the opportunities that can make money from the internet through creating this blog?

  • Collaborating with other parties for the placement of paid advertisements, for example cooperation with Adsense and getting a commission share from ad serving, or can also work directly with advertisers in the form of content placement, displaying advertising banners or video ads.
  • Organizing online courses according to the expertise we have, including selling our learning materials online, be it e-books or other formats.
  • Sell ​​or promote affiliate products.


2. Join the Affiliate Program

On the internet, many merchants offer affiliate programs, mutually beneficial cooperation where we can use it to join and promote products from these merchants to readers of our blog or website. If it ends in a purchase, then we will get a commission from the sale of the product.

There are many ways we can do in introducing our affiliate products, it can be by writing in-depth reviews so that readers know more about these products. You can also put up a banner that contains a link to an affiliate product. Everything we can do leads to sales conversion.

Some affiliate products both from within the country or from abroad, which we can join for example Shopee, Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Shopify Affiliates, Lazada, ThirstyAffiliates, eBay Partner Network, Leadpages Partner Program, Avantlink, Clickbank, Sovrn Commerce, CJ Affiliate, PeerFly, BeRush, Ninja Outreach, Hubspot Affiliate Program, Printful Affiliate Program, ConverKit Affiliate Program.


3. Create an Online Store Website

The next way to earn money from the internet is to create an online store website. This is very useful, it can fulfill 2 functions at once, namely by selling products online, as well as being able to market conventional or offline products that we have, we can also sell them online. Online stores can sell anything including physical products that we already have and we want to expand the market.

Online Store Sites have recently become increasingly popular with various platforms and their respective advantages. We can easily create our own online store, or if we can’t create one, we can also use online shop creation services, which now offer many competitive products.

Making an online store itself can be said to be quite easy, because there are many tools that we can use and are very complete and easy to operate. For example, creating an online store with the wordpress platform, already being able to integrate woocommerce features in it, to make the store look attractive and can be customized according to our needs.

Some of the things you need to pay attention to so that your online store project can successfully develop rapidly include:

  • Adjust online store products according to the niche of your blog or website, so that the products and buyers really have a clear target market.
  • When selling physical products, make sure to buy at low prices, for example buying products from abroad, then provide attractive packaging, and be ready to resell at new and profitable prices.

Products in these online stores can be produced by themselves, make their own or can also be taken from sources or producers at special prices to then be packaged and resold.


4. Become a Reseller without Capital

The next way to earn money from the internet is to become a reseller. The meaning of the reseller itself is to resell goods from the supplier by getting a commission from the sale according to the agreement with the reseller without having to have stock on the reseller side.

Actually there are various forms of resellers, there are also those that require buying goods in large quantities certain to become a reseller. But there are also suppliers who have provisions or products that do not require stock, of course, it will be easier for resellers.

An example of a reseller is a web hosting reseller, which provides the opportunity to earn income from selling hosting products in various ways online. There is no need to have technical knowledge about hosting, the important thing is to be able to introduce and promote the advantages of the product, because usually the hosting provider has prepared its CS team to handle further communication about hosting products.


5. Create / Open an Online Course Business

When you have a skill, don’t waste that skill, because many people out there don’t necessarily have that skill. One way to use it is to open online courses, apply your skills and transfer knowledge to other parties in need, on the other hand we have economic benefits from these activities.

Practice and get used to being a tutor or online tutor. If you need guidance to optimize your potential, you can learn on the platform that provides it, such as BitDegree. Bitdegree is a website that can train you to become a trainer or teaching tutor online.

That way you can optimize your potential, improve your abilities and can generate income from your expertise.

The online course itself has many kinds of media, you can prepare learning materials with PDF or you can also make several video tutorials tailored to your needs.

Then we can also be innovative by combining it with material obtained from websites, e-commerce platforms and sites that have affiliate programs.

Determining the selling price for an online course also requires research. But in principle, in the beginning to introduce these online course activities, the price does not need to be expensive, but the main focus is to find consumers first, and they really get the benefits.

The choice of topic itself can be determined by research on the desire of the audience to learn a particular topic. You can also do pooling to find out what the audience wants.


6. Offer Membership system

Websites with a membership or membership system have recently begun to gain a lot of interest, especially if the website can provide significant benefits to its members. Making the website is also quite easy because there are many supporting tools, such as in WordPress there is a special option for creating a website with many users that can be applied as a membership system login.

However, the terms of this Membership system offer certainly require website visitors or significant traffic. So to build this type of website, you need to build traffic to the website first. If you have a lot of visitors, then the possibility of applying a membership system can be more likely to be successful.

The topics that can be raised also vary, but in principle the admin must really master the niche, so that the benefits obtained are also really useful.

For example, a website about certain areas with local targets, for example for visitors to Malang City. With the website showing all things related to the city of Malang, it will provide more benefits to its visitors. Especially if we cooperate with various merchants, work units or parties in Malang, such as discounts for certain services or products, by simply showing membership, we will get discount benefits or other advantages.


7. Advertising Space Rental Offer

We can offer some space or space in certain places on the website in strategic locations, for example in the header, between content or in the sidebar.

Successful advertising of course there is a match between the content or content of the blog / website with the advertising material. So that it is expected to immediately attract readers to click on more ads.

Some of the conditions for the implementation of offering this ad space, of course, the website must have a lot of visitors. So that with a lot of traffic, advertisers are interested or interested in approving ad placement proposals on the website.

We can directly offer ad space to advertisers, or through registration on certain popular ad networks such as Google Adsense. We can register to participate in the ad network, and if accepted, we will get a dashboard along with the ad code to be displayed on the website. Every impression click will have a policy regarding commission rates and we will earn from it

Other ad networks that are quite popular are Ezoic and Media, where they will also evaluate the registered website. These two networks are very useful for to optimize and maximize the potential revenue from these ads.

Another option is to use paid content, which means we review or review the sponsor’s product and put it on the website, and we get paid for the review.


8. Offering Services and Services on the Website

The next way to get money from the internet is to create a blog containing certain services or certain services that are useful for others to help solve their problems or other uses.

Some of the ways that can be done is to build a website with a basic readership and sufficient traffic. After having a blog with these specifications, you can start creating a solemn page for special services on the topic of the website or related or related to the problem.

Another way if we do not have sufficient traffic, is to build a blog from scratch, for example with wordpress. Add a few pages of important information about services, both for individuals and companies. Important pages for example are personal information, skills and services offered as well as portfolios or job examples.


9. Create a Job Vacancies Site using the Subscription System

Locker sites (Jobs) can also be a means of making money from the internet. By having a trusted job vacancy site, it will be able to attract visitors to our website as well as receive a subscription system for interested people.

On the other hand, job seekers can also take advantage of our website as a means of disseminating information on the needs of workers, so that it is mutually beneficial for both parties, both job seekers and job providers.

The requirements needed to become a trusted job vacancy site is to increase visitor traffic to the website and it will automatically become the main guide for finding or advertising about job vacancies.


10. Create an Online Directory

Online directories are believed to be a source of online income. The system is to create an online directory of various types of businesses, grouped according to each category. Business owners can list their business here so that it can be accessed by visitors who are looking for that particular service.

We can get income from directory listings on a monthly, yearly or lifetime basis depending on the type of membership of the company or advertiser who subscribes to our online directory.

The higher the traffic directory of our website and the more trusted it is, the higher the value per listing will follow.

There is also a form of premium listing with certain privileges, for example it is always displayed on the front page of our online directory.


11. Selling Website

If you have a website with good value and authority, then you can sell it at a high price. This can open up business opportunities by buying a new website and then maintaining it so that the website value is better, and then reselling it at a higher price of course, up to 12-30 times the initial purchase price.

Some of the factors that determine the high selling value of a website are:
1. Age of the website
2. Authorithy website
3. Traffic or organic visitor count
4. Profit or real income that has been obtained
5. Various kinds of income from the website
6. Income stability and continuity
7. Growth prospects of the website.


12. Become an author and publish an E-Book

You can develop your potential to become a writer, and you can self-publish your e-book online through various platforms available. Now there are many online bookstores where we can work together to publish our e-books, or we can launch our own e-books supported by the right promotion.

Of course we can apply the procedures for making e-books such as the normal rules for making books, including the editing stage, formatting, cover design, providing descriptions, uploading to the market and promotion. If you feel the need to increase your knowledge, you can take an e-book making course.

Here are some key guidelines for creating a quality e-book:
1. Conduct Market Research. Make sure to do preliminary research first, whether the topic of the e-book is really in demand and does not have a high level of competition in the market.
2. Make sure the information in it is useful and of good quality, and if necessary, you can hire professional editing services.
3. Make sure the cover design and description of the e-book are evocative for further reading, if necessary, don’t hesitate to hire professional services for this.
4. Write in series, so that you can continue to maintain interest in the topics discussed.

The more we hone our skills, the more we will be able to create an interesting professional work. Rest assured you can succeed by doing all the steps and processes seriously.


13. Create e-Mail Marketing or Newsletters

Email is a very important medium in online communication. Every time we receive various kinds of information, offers via e-mail or subscribe to newsletters according to our wishes or needs.

We can take advantage of email marketing as a further marketing tool, of course, with the recipients of this email having agreed to subscribe to the newsletter, and are sure of the benefits according to their needs.

We can use email marketing for lucrative purposes such as:
1. Introducing digital products in our network
2. Offering online courses that we manage
3. Promote affiliate products to our site subscribers with previous subscriptions
4. Sponsorship programs or other collaborations are possible to introduce here.


14. Become a Part Time or Full time Freelancer

One of the fastest growing online jobs is being a freelancer. Many parties need help online, without the need to meet face-to-face and the most appropriate solution is to use freelancers or freelancers. There are so many and very wide fields of work as a freelancer, including many freelancer sites, bringing together freelancer seekers with freelance workers with various specifications.

Some trusted sites that meet the demand and supply of these freelancers are:
1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. Freelancers
4. Guru
5. Projects

Tips for success for being a freelancer include having special specifications regarding certain skills, so as to guarantee the professionalism of a job.


15. Buying and Selling Website

The basic principle of buying and selling this website is to buy a website cheaply, then maintain and optimize it so that it becomes a good website with a high authority value and increased traffic, after that we sell it back to the market at a higher price and we get a profit.

Some tips for buying and selling websites are as follows:
1. Buy only prospective websites in the right place. You can browse further on Flippa, We Sell Your Site or EmpireFlippers
2. Research and analyze the website first including website revenue, traffic, backlinks and the reason why the website is sold.
3. Immediately buy the website when you are sure, do not let other parties precede.
4. Optimization and improving the quality of the website so that all of the above aspects increase.
5. We can sell the website at a high price


16. Selling and Buying Domains

The following way to get money from the internet quickly is by buying and selling domains. The principle of this activity is to buy domains with unique names or sell, either by predicting or estimating and monitoring current trends. Immediately we buy when there is an overview, and if it is fast enough from the others, we can get the domain compared to others who are looking for the domain later. We can sell it at a higher price than its purchase price

The way to search for a domain can be by logging into several domain buying and selling sites such as justdropped.com, we can load a listing of the domain name and provide details. Next we wait for the buyer from the domain.


17. Sell Stock Photos and Sell Video Footage

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have assets that have enough potential to be cashed out. Some of them are private collections of photos and video footage that we have. We can sell it and earn money from the internet through several well-known websites or media such as the following:
For Photo: Shuttestock, istockphoto
For Video: Pond5, VideoHive, VideoBlocks, Dissolve


18. Earn money from cryptocurrency

It’s never too late, including trying to invest and earn money from cryptocurrencies. We can see an example of a case with the bitcoin investment boom a few years ago and suddenly its value exploded, so that bitcoin investors got rich suddenly because of their investment in bitcoin.

This could happen again and there is still a lot of potential to get money from other cryptocurrencies, and we can use many media including:
1. Invest in our target coin before the IPO or before its value moves up significantly
2. Learn about blockchain including the program and how it works.
3. Copywriter specifically about cryptocurrencies as well as adding to the repertoire of our knowledge.
4. There are many startups in the cryptocurrency field where we can apply if we feel we have qualified knowledge.


19. Sell Designs on Etsy

There are many media and facilities on the internet where we can sell our ability to design or produce handicrafts, one of which is through Etsy. We can also get many benefits from it, one of which is by honing our abilities both in terms of skills and abilities experience.

Some of the products that we can sell here are iphone case designs, handicrafts, rings and other designs.

Some tips for optimizing your activities on Etsy are as follows:
1. Research the needs and interests of specific items on Etsy.
2. Consider and determine the best selling price based on the quality of each product and competitors
3. Promote the advantages and uniqueness of your design that distinguishes and has added value from other products.


20. Successful Selling on Amazon

In addition to the opportunity to become an affiliate on Amazon, we can also take advantage of Amazon as a place to sell. With international market coverage, of course, sales opportunities are also greater if we can use them correctly and appropriately.

We can start by looking for types of products that have a selling value at competitive prices. After that we can make a branding of the product, then we can enter it into Amazon as a qualified product item to be sold in foreign markets.

Regarding further details and delivery, you can study it carefully so that all processes can run smoothly.


21 Become a Successful Youtuber

It is undeniable that Youtube is now the main medium for various entertainment viewing purposes, tutorials, live broadcasts and many other benefits for the wider community. Many media have turned to Youtube as the main means of advertising promotion so that artists, presenters, and the wider community are also trying their luck to become YouTubers, to become content creators on Youtube where if our channel is monetized, then we can get very large amounts of money from Youtube.

There are many ways to become a YouTuber, including the monetization process. We don’t always have to be on camera to produce content. Here are some ways to use Youtube as a medium to make money from the internet:

1. As a content creator, we produce trending or useful content to watch, so that many subscribers and traffic watch the content, and we can earn income, from clicks or advertisements watched by visitors.

Determine your own channel according to your passion, for example entertainment channel, educational channel, tutorial or discussion of other interesting topics.

2. Create content with links to websites or media that you own, so that conversions to our sales on our website or social media will also increase with traffic from Youtube.

Some successful tips to become a successful Youtuber include:

  1. Record video with high-quality and high-resolution equipment.
  2. Don’t hesitate to try various shooting techniques, video editing, until you get the most suitable format and are liked by subscribers
  3. Optimizing the title, description, thumbnail as attractive as possible and optimally in order to get maximum results.
  4. Take advantage of the features on Youtube to be more optimal, such as information on broadcast schedules, premieres, questionnaires to get the best exposure and feedback.


22. Become a Virtual Assistant

Currently, many people need help in completing their work, and they prefer to seek assistance online or virtual, because it is more flexible, and can complete helping work at a scale that suits their needs and is more practical.

Many fields can be done through this virtual assistant, such as planning management, bookkeeping, recording activities or data entry, research, email marketing and many other fields of work according to needs.

Besides being able to be used as a medium to earn money from the internet, being a virtual assistant can add to your network, get to know important people and further expand your network.

Several sites can be used to get in on this work such as Fiverr, Remote.co or Upwork.


23. Selling Programming Software and Applications

If you have expertise in the field of IT software and programming languages, then the opportunity on the internet is very open to sell your services and earn money from the internet, by developing homemade software, or making certain application programs to help work with application technology.

You can also upload your work on Google Play where developers are facilitated to publish their work and have the opportunity to monetize the software application.

Some tips in selling expertise in the field of software and application programs are:
1. Doing research on what applications are urgently needed, people need shortcuts in what fields
2. Develop Beta version and ask for opinion or feedback for improvement
3. Always update with improvements and add the latest things
4. Doing promotions and introductions according to our abilities


24 Becoming an Online Lesson Teacher

Once again we can take advantage of our expertise or skills to help others at the same time we can take benefits from it. If you are proficient in specific things, you can apply them and open up opportunities to become online tutors in certain fields, such as English, Mathematics, or other fields as needed.

You can also improve your skills by adding online certifications and get a more skill factor when it comes to teaching online. We can use many media for learning tools, for example Skype, OOM, Google Meeting, Whatsapp, Telegram or other supporting media we can use.

Some sites that offer online tutoring opportunities are: Remote.co, Learn4Good, VerbalPlanet, Chegg Tutors.


25. Website Tester

The following other opportunities can also be used to earn money from the internet, namely becoming a website tester. Some of his duties are to provide feedback on a website, such as providing an assessment of the design, observing whether there are errors, the content is clear or not, the layout is appropriate or not, the navigation is correct or needs improvement and other test items.

You can check the following websites to try to become a website tester: UserTesting, TryMyUI, Userlytics, Testbirds, Userfeel, Ubertesters.


26. Become a Website Developer

The next way to get money from the internet is to become a website developer. However, to do this work, it is necessary to have special skills in the IT field, including understanding of coding languages.

If you feel you already have the expertise, you can offer services on online sites such as projects.co.id, p-store.net, fiverr, or upwork. Explain your abilities, and it should be explained in detail including the niche website that will be created. So from there it becomes clear your segment of expertise.


27. Become an Audibook Narrator

Audiobooks or audiobooks are now increasingly popular as the trend of online materials outperforms physical products in the midst of the current conditions as well as modernity in all fields. More and more people are finally choosing sound books over printed books because of their practical nature. So the concept now may be that they are introduced to listening to books, not just reading books.

This job is suitable for those of you with an interest in reading books and especially having a good voice and being commercial, you can earn money from here as a promising and prospective opportunity in the future is quite large.

You can join ACX, bring together the narrator and author, and open an account there. Preparation to become an audiobook narrator also needs to be supported by quality recording software. You can also sign up on upwork or fiverr for audibook narration work.


28. Become a Graphic Designer

Art jobs such as graphic designers have very open opportunities to develop their business online. Some skills are needed to wrestle this business, such as Photoshop experts, illustrator software must be mastered.

If you already feel you have expertise in this field, you can join 99designs. If someone sees your work and is interested, a collaboration proposal awaits you. You can also promote through social media, including introducing your product to potential customers.


29. Become a Celebgram

The world of social media is now growing rapidly, with observers from various circles from adults to small children or teenagers who have not escaped from monitoring social media as a role model or guide for them to socialize. Many social media are favorite platforms including Instagram, Twitter and now Tiktok.

You can become a celebgram on Instagram, or become a Tiktok celeb and can take full advantage of your popularity to make money. The requirement for success is of course having a lot of followers, so you can develop various ways to make money, endorse products, sell products, meet and greet and so on.

The more followers, the more opportunities will come and you yourself are also more popular in the eyes of followers. You can earn tens of millions or even hundreds of millions per month by optimizing your social media, and of course becoming more popular.


30. Become SEO Specialist

Because of the competition to be at the forefront, at the top in the online world competition, it is increasingly needed people or parties who can optimize a website to be at the top in search engines like Google. Many companies are now investing heavily to beat the competition, even hiring specialized SEO Specialists to achieve this goal. The goal is clear, by being at the top of search results, it will have an impact on product recognition and sales conversion.

SEO Specialists can work in companies or can independently open services for seo services. SEO can be for webs company items, or personal websites depending on their needs. You must have the expertise and ability to optimize the website and appear on the first page (better the first position) of Google search results with certain specified keywords.


31. Social Media Admin

Nowadays, many parties, from individuals or commercial companies or government agencies, open social media accounts as a medium for delivering information. They need social media but don’t have enough time to manage it.

For this reason, a social media admin is needed to manage these needs. His job is to manage the social media, including making content updates according to the direction of the account owner, making the necessary reports and being reported to the account owner on a regular basis. so that the account remains active and communicative.

To learn about social media admins, you can try accessing Hootsuite Academy and when you’re ready you can jump into Upwork or Freelancers. You can also develop your skills by managing the social media admin service yourself.


32. Creating Podcasts

The next means to earn from the internet is through the Podcast channel. Podcast itself is one of the facilities on the internet in the form of audio or video recordings for various uses, be it the results of interviews, lecture materials, performances or other events.

Now the term podcast is widely used for an in-depth interview program, it is one form of implementation of podcasts. We need expertise in speaking, looking for interesting information to be recorded in the form of audio or video. Furthermore, we can upload the recordings on the media that are widely available on the internet or youtube platforms.

What needs to be considered in achieving success on podcasts is the quality of audio and video as well as interesting and content content. Podcasts can make money if they have a lot of listeners or viewers. They can also be combined with selling products or services, membership systems, sponsorships or opening donations.


33. Become a Content Writer

Being a freelance writer or copy writer is one of the most crowded online jobs to do today. This is because as online media is becoming more and more popular as a reference as well as the main source of information, there will automatically be a lot of content needs to fulfill it. Therefore, the author is an important need to convey information in accordance with each field of expertise or category of information.

You only need writing skills and can be honed over time so that you can produce interesting content and can meet the expectations of the readers. Writing styles also vary, adapted to the audience of readers. There are styles of writing blog posts, chronology, descriptive, investigative reports or marketing texts or for marketing emails.

There are many platforms for you to take advantage of your expertise and market your creative writing as a freelance writer, on freelancer forums, introduce them on internet forums, or create a portfolio on the website.


34. Selling Designs on the Internet

The next way to earn from the internet is to sell your design skills on various internet platforms, for example, Society6, Canva, Envato, Creative Market and many more.

You can upload your art designs on various media such as t-shirts, jackets, bags, casings, pillows and other media as long as it is possible to express your creativity.

There are no fees for registration and so on, and you can be as creative as possible. Upload your favorite designs and create attractive displays or you can also accept custom designs as requested from consumers.


35. Doing Micro Jobs

Micro Job or micro task is a job that requires a high level of accuracy and involves human intelligence in completing all the detailed items. This job still requires a human touch, even though now everything is fully automated or through machines or tools.

Some of these types of work include checking back on the results of work, categorizing based on the taste of an article or other work that requires a sense of value or feel. You just need a gadget or computer, and an internet network to do this job. One of the providers can try on Amazon Mechanical Turk and register on the site.


36. Paid Online Surveys

If we have more free time we can also get additional income from the internet by joining paid online surveys, although the quantity of money is not too large, it can be stated here as one way to earn money from the internet. We can get cash, gifts, coupons or other benefits according to your requirements determination of the surveyor.

No need special skills in doing this job, just fill out the quiz provided according to our knowledge. We can fill in demographic information to find out your background, as well as your interests and interests before completing online survey materials as needed.

Some paid survey sites, for example, can be tried at the following addresses: Pinecone Research, SendEarnings, Pro Opinion, i-Say.


37. Share your skills online

You can join and share your expertise on these websites to be able to connect you with many clients. Just try to join Clarity.FM, or at Coach.me or Savvy.is, and get the benefits.

Although for business the amount of income is not too large, but it can produce in a short time. Share your expertise, information or knowledge and many parties may be interested in the information.


38. Remote Work

Now the era of the internet is online so that a lot of work can be done remotely or moving around, or WFH (Work From Home) everything is flexible.

You can join a company that now offers a lot of remote work. Get the opportunity to get a new career, a new experience working with remote systems with a fresh situation and free from attachments.

There are various types of remote work, whether it is part-time to full-time work, even though the conditions are WFH with their respective terms and conditions.

Usually, the job offered is in the field of customer support, or you can choose according to the skills you currently have. You can search for these opportunities by accessing Remote, We Work Remotely, Flexjobs or SolidGigs.


39. Become a Subtitler (Film Subtitle Translator)

If you have expertise in a foreign language, you can become a freelance translator for the needs of film subtitles or commonly called a subtitler.

In addition to having expertise in foreign languages, you must also like or be able to watch movies for hours listening to the storyline, follow the trends of the film world, and be able to work under pressure quickly and accurately. You can try browsing many websites such as Upwork, Sribulancer or Jobstreet.


40. Become a Proofreader

The proofreader or corrector is in charge of checking the work of the text whether it is in accordance with what is needed. This includes checking whether there are typos, grammatical compatibility, punctuation or schema and writing format.

This work can be found or usually offered by book publishers, or can be accessed directly from websites of information providers such as Scribendi or Freelancer Indonesia for proofreading or proofreading services.


41. Become a dropshipper

The dropshipping or dropshipping business is now a trend and is one of the most popular ways to earn money from the internet today. This is because in the current situation which is completely limited due to the pandemic, people’s shopping style has shifted from conventional shopping to online shopping.

Due to the large number of online shopping activities, a business and a supporting business opportunity emerged, one of which was dropship. Dropshipping means that we can have online selling activities, even have an online store but without capital, no need to stock goods or be complicated with packaging or shipping services.

We can take advantage of products from suppliers that open up opportunities for dropshippers to participate in marketing their goods or products or services. When the dropshipper gets an order, it will immediately contact the supplier with the order details, and the goods will be processed and shipped in white label, using the dropshipper’s brand name to the buyer. Dropshippers will benefit from the price difference, so both parties will benefit from this system.

This dropshipping business can be applied to various media platforms, such as the Tokopedia marketplace, Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak and many other choices. Make sure to do research and surveys beforehand so that all activities can run smoothly from the ordering process until the goods are received by the buyer safely.


42. Thrift Shop or Thrifting Business

Thrift Shop / online Thrifting business is a business activity to sell used fashion products but well-known / branded brands in good condition and offered online. Selling Preloved Clothes can be done on various websites that provide facilities for that, such as on Carousell.

This business is trending because there are also many enthusiasts, especially among young people. If you have a collection of branded used clothes that are still in good condition, only rarely used because they are too big, too small or the model you think is no longer suitable for you to wear, then you can list your collection on Carousell for sale online.

There are also special suppliers for preloved products.  This is where you can contact them to ask about the available thrift packages, for you to buy as capital and you can sell them again at a higher price.

You can follow some of the following tips to be successful in this Thrift Shop or Thrifting Business:

  • Setting up capital is not too big, to get a collection of preloved clothing packages from the supplier.
  • You can clean it again by washing it and tidying it up to make it look attractive
  • The product photo is in an attractive and modern style, so it looks like a new product
  • Packaging also needs special attention so that the product remains exclusive.


43. Deposit or Jastip Service

Buying internationally can be used as a field to make money from the internet. If you have a credit card or Paypal account, you can use them to help complete international purchases.

This is because many people in the country want to buy interesting products from abroad, but they are constrained by how to pay for it, because they do not have the means of payment, which can only be processed by Paypal or credit card.

You can take advantage of this gap to bridge that interest as a deposit or jastip service and promote it to various social media regarding the service. Make sure the terms and conditions are explained carefully before carrying out all the processes.


44. Take advantage of the Cashback Feature

The cashback feature is now commonplace in various businesses. We can take advantage of this as an opportunity to earn additional income from the internet. Although many people know about this cashback, they are rarely able to use it optimally, or maybe they are lazy to process it because it takes additional time to use it. This cash back is usually given by large Marketplaces that are holding massive promos with a fairly decent amount of cashback, such as cash back at Tokopedia, Lazada, or other platforms.

We can use this cash back for other sales so that the cash back value can be the difference in the value of the goods paid for the product in a lump sum. Now that is the benefit of cash back and ultimately makes the difference between income and expenses, making it revenue for us.


45. Become an Online Reseller for Offline Product

We can also take advantage of the internet by becoming an online reseller. We are trying to find suppliers with the best product quality or already have a name. We buy with a wholesale system and then we resell online by giving the price difference, so there is a profit margin.

This is an adaptation of the conventional reseller system but the market share is wider because the market can be for buyers throughout Indonesia and even for the international market.

The requirement to become an online reseller is that we need to be very careful in conducting product research, so that we choose the right type of product and can sell well in the market so that our cash flow remains healthy.


46. Becoming Buying / Sourcing Agent

Buying agent or sourcing agent will assists people from abroad which having interests in conducting business activities iour countey, from providing valid information on all suppliers to negotiation, purchase and even delivery process. It facilitate various purchasing process to get reliable sources and best quality.

Sourcing and Buying Agent serve potential buyers from abroad to provide information, sourcing, selecting, negotiating, ordering, quality controlling, and shipping desired products. It is also falicitate Sourcing Trip to products according specifications.




Ways to get money from the internet are very diverse and the amount is also varied, even many of them can be used as a main source of income for us. Choose from the many options, focus on just one, two or a few don’t need to go all the way. Choose the one that best suits your passion so you can develop it optimally.

Always active to explore the potential and access information on the internet in order to sharpen skills and broaden horizons so that opportunities are more open, even those that have not been explored before. Expertise and professionalism will be built when you can go through all processes to the maximum.

Hard work and trust in the process, everything cannot be realized instantly, everything is done by going through the stages of the process and even ups and downs in the process are normal, and we must stay focused on the goal of getting money from the internet, so that we can achieve it. our target successfully.


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