Examples of Crafts from Bamboo That Look Naturally Beautiful and Natural

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One of the alternative home decorations to create a natural and natural impression is to use bamboo-based handicraft decorations. Bamboo material is indeed very functional because it can be used for various kinds of interior and exterior basic materials, such as bamboo furniture, the main building material of the house, household furniture to various decorations made of bamboo.

Nowadays, where many modern decorations appear, bamboo is still used to create a natural and natural atmosphere that looks beautiful. With the creations and innovations that are made, bamboo crafts are able to adapt and can be matched with existing modern furniture and equipment.

The following is a design inspiration from bamboo crafts that can be a source of ideas in displaying a work of art while at the same time being functional according to their needs.


Examples of handicrafts from Bamboo

1. Semi-outdoor bathroom partition


Bathrooms now have many models and designs, one that is now often found, especially when visiting nature-themed places, is the semi-outdoor bathroom. Completed with a skirting board or fence made of bamboo, combined with natural stone for the bottom, a semi-outdoor bathroom with natural, romantic and exotic nuances will form, like a honeymoon in the countryside with a natural atmosphere. Of course, the density of bamboo insulation needs to be considered so that there are no gaps for peeking.

2. Bamboo Wind Chimes

A unique decoration that is very suitable to be installed in front of the house or a place where the breeze flows. When the wind blows, or when guests come, the bell will sound, emitting a distinctive sound that will come out in different tones according to the size and shape of the bamboo wind chime.

3. Bamboo Garden Lights

Decorative lamps whose frames are made of bamboo are very suitable to be installed on the front of the house such as the yard. The light shining behind the bamboo poles creates an ethnic and aesthetic atmosphere, pleasing to the eye. You can install several lamps according to the size of the house or yard to make it look harmonious.

4. Hanging Decorative Plant Pots

Cavities in bamboo can be used as a medium for plant growth, and by forming it in such a way, it can be used as a decoration for hanging decorative plant pots, as well as making the house look fresher and greener because of the plants that grow well in these pots. With a hydroponic planting system, plant lovers can channel their hobby of planting by choosing a variety of their favorite plants which can also be beautiful and practical home decorations.

5. Bamboo Fountain


This decoration is suitable to be placed indoors or outdoors. It can be a complement to existing fish ponds, where if you add a bamboo fountain, the appearance of the pond will be even more beautiful and at the same time make the pond water quality fresher because there is water that is always flowing. A bamboo fountain is also suitable to be placed in the living room, with its gurgling sound and view, it can be a stress reliever and creates a relaxed atmosphere. After a tiring day at work, you can sit back and relax near the bamboo fountain.

6. Bamboo Clock

Bamboo clocks give a unique impression when placed on the wall of a room. Its aesthetic design can be a home decoration decoration like no other, creating a traditional and ethnic impression which is certainly interesting, so that guests who see it are also impressed.

7. Bamboo Chair

Bamboo chairs that are light and easy to move according to needs are of course very flexible and useful to have. This bamboo furniture can be used for interiors in the house, or it can also be used as a relaxing chair placed on the front porch of the house, making it a comfortable place to sit with family.