Examples of Crafts from Coconut Shells

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Examples of Crafts from Coconut Shells. Craft is one of the arts that can provide beauty. This is the main function that can be demonstrated. You need to know that there are many types of crafts, one of which is the craft of coconut shells.

This craft has a lot of fans. In addition to being very easy to obtain, this craft also looks so beautiful and suitable when used as decoration in your home room.

Below is an explanation that we have summarized for you about some examples of handicrafts from coconut stones. So that this explanation can be a reference material for you in beautifying the appearance of your own home.


What are some examples of crafts made from coconut shells?


The following are some examples of crafts made from coconut shells. You can try to make it at home because the way to make it can also be done quite easily. Meanwhile, some examples of these crafts include:

1. Bowl of Coconut Shell

For fruitful food, of course, you need a bowl as a container. You can make the bowl from coconut shells. How to make it, first you cut the coconut shell into two parts using a saw.

The size is a ratio of 60 – 40. As for Section 60 it will be used as a bowl, and 40 of it will be used as the base of the bowl. Next, sand the outside and inside of the shell to make it cleaner and smoother.

Then spray this coconut shell bowl using food grade materials that are safe to use for food, such as mineral oil. Finally dry, then the bowl is ready to use.

2. Cigarette Ashtray from Coconut Shell

Coconut shells are indeed very useful for making crafts. One of them is to make cigarette ashtrays. This craft is very popular because it is quite easy to make.

While the things you have to prepare to make it are a coconut shell, wood drill, paint, sandpaper, bolts, and a hacksaw. The method is quite easy, you just need to take the coconut shell and then sand it until smooth and clean.

Then split the coconut shell into two parts with small and large sizes, then sand the inside of the coconut shell. And for the large part, it will be used as a container for cigarette ash, and the small part will be used as the foot of the ashtray.

After that, make a hole in the coconut shell with a drill then connect the legs and the ashtray using bolts. Color the ashtray the way you want, then dry.

3. Drinking Cup from Coconut Shell

Coconut stone can also be used as a cool drinking cup craft. To make it is quite difficult but it will be remembered beautiful when it is finished. The tools and materials you must prepare are coconut shell, wood, wood glue, and mineral oil.

The way to make it is to cut the whole shell about 60%. Then sand the inside, clean and smooth until smooth. Then make cup legs from the cut side of the shell. Next, bring the legs and sophistication with glue. Do not forget to attach the wooden handle that has been prepared.

Wait for it to dry, then you can use mineral oil so that the cup from the coconut stone can look more attractive. Mineral oil is a chemical that is very safe when used on items that are likely to be occupied by food and drinks.