Examples of Cute, Unique and Multifunctional Rattan Baskets

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Rattan basket is an example of a craft made from rattan. One of the creative products from small and medium industries that are innovative and has great potential to be developed. Various models that keep up with the times make it able to compete as one of the handicrafts made by craftsmen who produce original Indonesian works.

The use of technology for the manufacture of rattan baskets produces products that are sturdier and stronger, but added with artistic elements in the manufacture, produce rattan baskets that are of high quality, have high aesthetic value and are strong and sturdy so that they are more durable for everyday use.

Besides having aesthetic value, rattan baskets also have many multipurpose functions, they can be used for various purposes. Rattan baskets can be used for tissue boxes, jars, delivery baskets, places for dirty clothes to be washed, flower pots, accessories and many other functions.

Its manufacture requires special skills, perseverance and thoroughness in order to produce rattan baskets of good quality. The raw material for the rattan handicraft manufacturing industry comes from rattan waste or what is commonly called fitrite. In addition to these materials can also use rattan skin.

Rattan baskets are increasingly in demand by many groups, because they appear more innovative both in design and in a variety of uses. A work of traditional hereditary production that can appear modern through continuous development and innovation.

Some of the innovative forms that can be produced from this rattan craft examples can be seen from the following examples:


Rabbit-shaped rattan basket


An attractive appearance of a rattan basket decoration with a cute rabbit shape, perfect for use as a fruit basket and placed on a dining table or other suitable place.

Mushroom-headed wicker basket


A rattan basket with a mushroom-like shape with bubbles on the body is suitable for storing various tools, then with a mushroom-like head and can be colored with the appropriate color so that it looks more similar.

Elephant-shaped rattan basket


This is also an example of very creative innovation, forming a rattan basket into the shape of an elephant, complete with a trunk and a funny elephant head shape. suitable for dirty clothes container before washing.

Colorful rattan basket


If you want even more variety in your appearance and maybe you want a different color than usual, you can also choose a collection of colorful rattan baskets, which make the atmosphere more lively and the room feel more festive with the beautiful play of colors.

Rattan basket with wheels


Shown in a modern style where rattan baskets can also be added with wheel accessories at the bottom, which of course also has a function so that it can be easily carried everywhere. It is suitable for rattan baskets with a large size which if lifted normally might be too heavy, so that with wheels it can be moved more easily and flexibly.

Hexagon rattan basket


Various models can be made according to the desired model. One that is unique is the rattan basket in the shape of a hexagon. So it’s not just oval or round, with a hexagon appearance, making it more unique. This basket can usually be used as a fruit basket or for other places.

Classic rattan basket


In addition to various cute, modern and innovative looks, the classic models are no less interesting. The rattan basket that we often see in the movies, when a family goes on a picnic with a classic oval-shaped basket, equipped with a handle and the top can be opened and closed, can be a unique collection to own.