Examples of Design Models of Walls and House Fences made from River Stone

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River stone can be used as a building material for making fences that are unique and beautiful to the eye. By using river stone the impression of the fence becomes natural as well as sturdy. Apart from its architectural beauty, river stone is also often chosen as a natural stone material for making fences because it is resistant to weather and various kinds of climates, so it can last a long time, as a wall and house fence that gives the occupants a cool impression.

There are lots of models and designs of river stone fences, and they can also be used in combination with other materials to make them look even more beautiful. Its use can be combined with gabion wire to further strengthen and form the desired appearance. Then it can also be combined with BRC boards to create unique shapes according to the desired concept.

The following shows a variety of unique designs, models of river stone fence styles that can be design ideas as well as examples of using materials that are quite easy to find, as fences that appear aesthetically pleasing.


1. Type 36 House Fence Design Model

The design of the fence or wall of this type of river stone house is arranged in a simple, flat shape with the additional use of gabion wire to strengthen the design structure. River stone material is suitable for use in type 36 houses so that it can display a natural and natural impression with the available space, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it is also sturdy and not easily damaged, and easy to maintain.

2. Minimalist Stone Fence Model

This time the stone house fence can be made with several other material combinations, for example with BRC boards, arranged simply as a fence. This thick combination gives a natural and natural atmosphere, has been used a lot and is still relevant today and has been chosen as a design model fence.

3. Combination of Natural Stone and Iron Fences

Next is a combination of making fences or house walls combined with iron. This alloy is very suitable for use, the combination of white painted iron, combined with brightly colored river stones, makes the appearance of a house fence or wall that looks elegant and follows a modern style at the same time and looks cool.

4. Back Garden Wall Design Model


River stone can also be used to complement the wall design in the garden behind the house. The design of the river stone wall combined with gabion wire can be arranged for the appearance of the back wall of the house so that it looks cool and cools the area behind the house. Besides that, the appearance makes the view more artistic and aesthetic, making you feel at home while in the area behind the house.

5. Wavy river Stone Fence Model

One of the advantages of river stone as a material for making house fences is that it can easily form various kinds of desired designs, one of which is the wavy fence style. With this model, the house fence looks more dynamic with a wave model at the top, fills the frame structure that was previously prepared from iron ram, and wire gabions are added at the final touch.

6. Color patterned fence design


Color play can also be done in making stone house fences this time, by using various kinds of river stones with different colors, arranged into certain motifs according to taste. You don’t need to worry about painting, because the river stones themselves have a variety of colors, some are light in color and some are dark in color which can be arranged in such a way as to create an aesthetic design motif.

7. Combination of Stone House Fence with Accessories

Various additional accessories can be used and added to the river stone house fence, including one of them by adding a house number which can be made of iron or wood. An attractive appearance and of course functional to provide information to make it easier to find a home for guests who want to visit.

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