Examples of Rattan Cabinet Designs that Look Unique, Attractive and Functional

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As a filler for the interior of the house, we usually use wooden furniture in various forms and needs, such as chairs, tables, sofas, shelves or cupboards. But actually there are other materials that can be used and relied upon for household furniture, these materials are rattan raw materials.

Rattan raw materials can also be transformed into a variety of household furniture that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, one of which is a rattan cabinet that looks beautiful and unique. The advantage of this rattan cabinet that should be put forward is that it is light in weight but still strong in structure, easy to move anywhere in accordance with a modern minimalist and practical lifestyle.

Rattan Cabinet is one of the home furniture that should be considered to fill the interior of the house. Many innovative and attractive designs can be chosen, because rattan crafts is very flexible and easy to shape according to the desired design pattern, so that the appearance is not monotonous.


The Advantages of Rattan Cabinets

Choosing rattan cabinets has many advantages when compared to cabinets that use other materials. Some of these advantages include:

1. The price is more economical and affordable when compared to furniture made from other materials, wood furniture for example, the price can be much different.

2. It looks beautiful, attractive and also unique, this is because rattan material is easy to shape and flexible to make with various trendy and modern models

3. Light weight, easy to move to various rooms.

4. Despite being light, the frame and overall construction are very strong.

Examples of Various Rattan Cabinet Designs

If you are interested in getting to know the various types of rattan cabinets that exist, the following displays rattan cabinet designs that look beautiful, attractive and unique as examples that are worth choosing.

1. Rattan Wardrobe Design 1 Door

This one-door rattan wardrobe looks minimalist and beautiful, perfect for a room or house with a minimalist design. Its slender, elongated design with the predominant color of light brown coupled with the legs that look very elegant to the eye makes those who see it interested because of its charming appearance. Besides that, it is also equipped with an oval door, also made of rattan, of course. A furniture that is very functional and certainly saves space because of its slim shape.

2. 2 Door Rattan Cabinet Design


This Two Door Rattan Wardrobe Design gives a more luxurious and beautiful impression and accent, made with a combination of rattan raw materials and quality wood. The dominant color is light brown on the skeleton. The appearance is equipped with doors made of rattan with small holes that can also function as ventilation so that the wardrobe is not stuffy, the items or clothes in the wardrobe are kept dry because both air and light can enter through the gaps or pores.

3. Rattan Cabinet Design with Drawers

The rattan wardrobe design is basically the same concept as the previous model, but added with a drawer at the top. Shown with a light brown color so it looks bright and soft. Having a drawer at the top can add options for where clothes or items are stored and it’s easier to group them together.

4. 2 Door Rattan Cabinet with Open Top

The concept of a two-door wardrobe but added empty space on top, with an open concept. It looks beautiful and functional, because the empty space can be used for various purposes and can be retrieved more quickly, it can also be used to store long-shaped items, while the lower part is used as a storage area as usual.

5. Rattan Cabinet Design with a Unique Shape

Due to the nature of rattan which is flexible and easy to shape, it is not surprising that it can produce a unique form of rattan wardrobe design model that looks different, modern and full of style. One of them is a cupboard with a semicircular curved top, decorated with rattan with fine fibers resembling a net. The appearance can make the room more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

6. Rattan Cabinet with lots of Storage Drawers

The next functional form is a rattan wardrobe with lots of storage drawers, perfect for those who want to store by classifying each item they want to store. These drawers are quite large and can accommodate a variety of items or clothes that you want to store. This design is very functional, can organize storage easily and neatly, easy to open and close, very practical to use.

7. Small Table-Shaped Rattan Cabinet

A rattan wardrobe in the form of a small table that looks pretty and tiny, can be placed flexibly, for example next to the bed or other places. Usually the small table is made