Experienced Korean Stationery Supplier in Indonesia

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Korean Stationery Supplier in Indonesia is produced locally in Indonesia to meet domestic needs as well as for export purposes. An experienced and verified supplier supplying various Korean stationery needs in Indonesia for years.

Korea Stationery – This is Korean stationery. We express our sincere gratitude to all who always patronize and care about Korean stationery We, Korean Stationery, operate a sales office based in the city, and continue seeks to build a sales network with online and offline stores and expand the store network. We try to help customers with convenient one-stop shopping by providing a variety of goods.

That is, Korean stationery offering us, selling us, all the products and elements that in the office, at school and even at home will allow us to write documents, modify them, copy them, highlight those fundamental problems, print them, among other problems.

There are two types of stationery, distributors, that is, those that supply other but smaller stationery stores, for example smaller ones that are established in remote or small neighborhoods. And then we can find another kind, namely stationery stores for the general public, which will offer services and supplies that a student of any level, a housewife or office worker can ask for. Generally, there are several services that a stationery shop offers to its customers, as well as the supplies it sells.



The Services You Offer And The Products You Sell
Among the most common services are: black and white photocopying, duplication, laser downloading on CDs, binding, monograph printing and ringing. Meanwhile, among the equipment, as we mentioned, there are also many and the most diverse: pens, markers, highlighter, bed sheets, notebooks, folders, pencil cases, envelopes, rubber bands, labels, folders, scissors, cardboard, geometric games, rulers , compasses, maps, diagrams, stickers, and accessories commonly used in offices and desks, although they are often used both at school and at home, such as: staples, staples, paper clips, punches, calculators, and diaries.

Today, as a consequence of the new competition waged mainly by supermarkets which also offer distinctive stationery items, the business has diversified and has also added new services and variants, including: fax services, gift wrapping, plotter, gift sales ( stuffed animals, toys and cosmetics), among others.

Nor can we ignore it in this sense that the presence of Korean stationery in everyday life, something that did not happen several decades ago, also caused this business to add articles related to this sector to win customers and of course sales.