Famous and Worldwide Balinese Handicrafts

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The island of Bali, which is famous for its amazing tourist attractions, also has beautiful and interesting Balinese handicrafts to be exposed. Handicrafts that display typical local potential that are thick with culture and regional characteristics are able to penetrate the international market, are well known to foreign countries.

Balinese handicrafts are famous for their high artistic value, having a unique and aesthetic appearance. Not surprisingly, apart from being a souvenir for tourists, many see it as a business opportunity to be developed into an export commodity abroad or for domestic use. Especially with the large number of tourists coming from various countries, increasing the opportunities for Balinese Crafts to be better known internationally.

The following displays original Balinese handicrafts examples that have high aesthetic value and are loved by many people, both local and foreign:


1. Balinese Carving


The results of Balinese carvings have characteristics that are thick with local culture. Bali has many carver experts whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation and still exist today. The results of carving crafts are made of wood or stone carvings.

2. Balinese Painting


One of the most sought-after unique souvenirs is Balinese paintings. The distinctive feature of this work of art is that the paintings depict religious stories or legends that are widely developed in society. The results of these paintings are also sold commercially and are often found in Balinese art markets.

3. Silver Jewelry


Silver handicraft is one of the leading handicrafts in Bali and even in Indonesia. Many accessories and jewelry can be made from this silver material such as necklaces, rings, bracelets with the characteristics of Balinese art in the manufacture. The hallmark of Balinese silver is its white color with the addition of burnt black silver.

4. Balinese Traditional Cloth

One of the traditional Balinese fabrics is a double woven woven fabric which is made quite complicated and takes a long time to make, and must be made with a high degree of precision. Another popular fabric is the typical Balinese sarong or beach cloth.

5. Herbal Spa Products

In Bali, there are also many herbal spa products made from natural ingredients, as well as the way they are made. Some of the popular products include essential oils, aromatherapy for tranquilizers, various kinds of masks and natural bath soaps.

6. Rattan and Wicker Crafts


Balinese rattan and woven crafts are one of the typical Balinese crafts that have their own uniqueness. This is due to the traditional activities of many people in Bali who have weaving or weaving skills, so one of them is manifested in handicrafts from rattan or woven wood which are often found here. The motifs and patterns are very distinctive, showing the uniqueness of the Balinese motifs that are owned.

7. Coconut Shell Craft

With the abilities and skills you have, coconut shells can also be made into one of the handicrafts that can look stunning. From coconut shells, various kinds of coconut shell handicraft household utensils, accessories, and jugs can be made, all made with various motifs and patterns.

8. Balinese masks

Balinese carving art is also displayed in the form of Balinese mask carvings. Its unique and exotic appearance makes it suitable for display and decoration in the room. The work requires precision because the level of complexity is quite high, resulting in unique and interesting works of art.

9. Bali Wooden Statue


The art of sculpture and carving that belongs to carving and sculpting experts in Bali is also channeled by making unique Balinese sculptures. Sculpture carving with Balinese motifs is often found, using either wood or stone. These Balinese statues are also very suitable as a complement to room decoration

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