Famous Handmade Indonesia Woodcraft Product Examples

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Wood crafts are now back in trend and many are interested to see and to own. This can not be separated from the variety of displays that are innovative and keep up with the times, the latest models with various choices that make it look richer.

Wooden handicraft products also have their own value, because they are more natural, natural and stronger than crafts made from other materials such as plastic. Besides that, the appearance of wood crafts also gives the impression of elegance and luxury, of course, is an advantage that is very worthy to be mentioned.

Wood handicraft products have a high selling power value, depending on the level of complexity and difficulty in making them. Especially if it is handmade, then the high artistic value makes it appreciated as a work of art made of wood products, besides having a functional value it also has high artistic value.

Many types of wood can be processed into good and high-value wood crafts. Several types that can be recommended here include teak, mahogany, pine, terbesi and acacia wood. This type of wood is of higher quality and is suitable for use as handicraft products made of wood.

The following will show examples of handicrafts made of wood, Famous Handmade Indonesia Woodcraft Product Examples which have many enthusiasts and even have high export value as an original commodity from Indonesia.



1. Decorative Lights

One of the most sought-after wooden crafts is decorative lamps, which can be in the form of table lamps or various other models that can be placed as interior complements to a room. This decorative lamp or table lamp because it is made of wood gives a high aesthetic impression, especially if the appearance is filled with artistic value. Regarding the price, it can be obtained at various values, depending on the level of complexity and the wood material made.

2. Coasters

Coasters are complementary ornaments that are unique and attract attention. The vintage impression that it has is able to give an overall classic impression to its appearance. Especially if the theme is rustic, for example the appearance of a restaurant or cafe with an antique theme, wooden coasters really support the overall appearance.

3. Cutlery

Same with wooden coasters, the properties of wooden cutlery also really support the vintage atmosphere that you want to appear. The function of its use is not disturbed, in the sense that you can eat comfortably using wooden cutlery such as wooden spoons, wooden forks and the like.

4. Flower Vase

Flower vases made of wood also display a natural impression as one of the decoration elements of the room, not inferior to other flower vase materials such as ceramic or glass. Wooden flower vases can be equipped with dried plant ornaments, dried flowers, which can create a unique impression on room decor.

5. Teak Bed

Beds can also be made from wood, especially used wood in the form of pallets. Used wood pallets or leftovers from processed wood can be assembled and shaped aesthetically into a bed like using ready-made mattress cots. The wood suitable for this bed craft is usually made of Dutch teak.

6. Decorative Mirrors

The next wooden craft that has caught a lot of attention is an ornamental mirror with a wooden frame. Its placement is very flexible, it can be placed in various corners of the house, such as in the bedroom, living room or other room and can make people interested in seeing this functional work of art.

7. Wooden Calendar

If you want something unique other than the usual, a wooden calendar is one item that you don’t want to miss. If you are bored with the usual look, this wooden calendar is a unique choice that can be a complementary item for the room.

8. Teak Root Table

The table whose support is made of teak root is one of the most sought-after favorites and is in great demand from local consumers to foreign countries. This is a potential product to be able to penetrate the export market to various countries. The teak root table can be combined with glass on top or it can be full use of wood as a whole.

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