Get To Know Indonesian Petrified Woods – The Beauty Inside The Fossilization State

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Did you know that Indonesia is one of the biggest wood markets in the world? while there are many lumber types and products, apparently the petrified wood starting to rise in the market. But why? what makes Indonesian petrified woods special than other products? this material is considered unique because of some reasons, here is what you should know.

Created From A Fossilization State

This particular wood is created due to the fossilization of the plant material. Most of the time, the freshly toppled trees that are covered with ash or oxygen depriving materials will stop decomposing. Instead, the mineralization slowly turns the softwood into a new-made inorganic material which in the form of strong stone trees.

Found In Petrified Forest

What makes this product unique is the fact that most of the petrified wood comes from Banten or mount Halimun Salak areas. These two areas are known as petrified forests due to the abundant amount of petrified lumber found in it. The forest itself can be created because of the natural biological condition in the areas.

A Wood That Tells Many Stories

The high number of Indonesian petrified woods exported from this archipelago country is mainly for research and collectors. It is because often found that the wood can tell a great deal of historical ecology and environment. For example, the wood can also provide crucial evidence of the floral exchange in Indonesia that occurred 23 million years ago.

Known for its fossilization states and the long story behind it, there is no doubt that each piece of the lumber can be priced very high. At some online market, the 22-million-year old petrified lumber from Indonesia can reach up to 65,00 euro. This number shown is just the starting point, the older, the more beautiful, the more unique the lumber is, the higher the price will be.

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