Halal Food and Restaurant Choices in Manila, Philippines

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Finding halal food in Manila, Philippines is quite difficult except in certain areas, therefore there is a need for a list that can be used as a reference for those who need it. Jollibee, the original fast food restaurant from the Philippines, which is said to be halal food in Manila, Philippines, turns out that not all of them provide halal guarantees, because only some of them already have halal certification. Next, fast food might be an option, such as Potato Corner, McD, Krispi Kreme. To further increase your choices, here is a list of restaurants with halal certification in Manila, Philippines.


1. Uncle Cheffy

Address: Located at Robinsons Place Manila; Zone 72, Robinsons Manila Level 1 Midtown Wing, Pedro Gil Street, corner Adriatico St, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 917 566 6991
Opening Hours: 07.00-05.00

One of the places to eat in Manila, precisely in the Robinson Place area, with large, filling portions and delicious taste. A suitable place to eat which can also be used as a place to hang out, relax with friends or family while enjoying the surrounding atmosphere. The menu choices are also very complete, you can choose according to various tastes. The atmosphere here is comfortable, the place is clean, the seating is also comfortable, supported by friendly restaurant waiters ready to serve.

2. Shawarma Snack Center

Address: 484 Salas St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 2 8521 2121
Opening Hours: 08.00-01.00

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Halal resort in Manila with Middle Eastern style, as well as the food menu choices. Arabic style food menus such as Biryani, various lamb dishes, beef can also be an option. Friendly service and staff really help visitors feel at home while at the restaurant. The taste of the food is delicious, especially for fans of Middle Eastern food, of course they feel very suited to the menus here. The prices are also reasonable, not cheap but not expensive either, commensurate with the food served.

3. Azaan Halal Cuisine

Address: 41C K-6th, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 995 446 5859

One of the locations for halal food choices in Manila, Philippines with a choice of Indian / Pakistani style menus. Conditions here are usually busy, because many visitors come here. A variety of food and drink menus are available here, from street-style snack menus to heavy restaurant-style menus. The street food market is very busy, so you have to hurry to get a seat and a place to eat. Food prices also vary, there are very popular prices to quite expensive prices, but the taste is worth it.

4. Hummus Elijah

Address: G/F, 5059 P Burgos, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 905 313 4602
Operational Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 09.00-00.00; Other days open 24 hours

Choice of halal food and restaurants in Manila, Philippines for those who need halal food on their menu. Apart from hummus, there are also many and varied other food menu choices available, including healthy food menus for those who need them. The food served here is also fresh so it adds to the appetite of those who eat it.

5. Wardo Restaurant

Address: 116, LPL Manor, San Agustin St, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 926 705 5507
Operational Opening Hours: open 24 hours

For Indonesians who want to experience Indonesian cuisine in Manila, this is the right choice to visit and try. A list of various Indonesian food menus is available here, suitable for those who miss Indonesian food, or also for those who want to try how delicious the typical Indonesian food menu is.