Handcrafted Lampshade from Rattan

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Lampshade from Rattan is one of the handicrafts made of rattan which is able to attract people to see it, because it looks unique and beautiful. This business is also developing in Indonesia, especially Bali, because the raw material is quite abundant and easy to obtain, so it is very supportive in the development of its manufacture. Most of the raw materials for rattan are taken and delivered from Java, which is famous for the many rattan trees that grow there.

In the manufacturing process, rattan materials can be used with the addition of other materials to beautify and strengthen the construction of the frame structure of the craft. These other ingredients include mendong grass, pandan leaves, agel leaves, bamboo to sticks, all of which are useful according to their function.


The process of making the Rattan Lampshade

The process of making this lampshade handicraft is not simple, it has a fairly high level of complexity. For that you need special expertise and experience in making it. In Bali there are many artists who have this expertise, because they already have this ability that has been passed down from generation to generation as Balinese artists.

The first step is to process the existing rattan material by drying it first, cutting it according to the model and then grinding it.

The next manufacturing step is to make an iron frame, according to the model and style to be made. Then proceed with the process of plaiting the materials that have been provided before, from rattan, sticks to pandanus to closing the iron figures in that particular fashion.

Not infrequently also to beautify the work of rattan lamp crafts can be carved to produce the desired pattern of motifs so that the appearance becomes more exotic and artistic. Not only classic motifs, but many modern design styles can be applied in making this rattan lampshade.

The end result is a rattan lampshade craft that is beautiful, sturdy and strong in structure and has high artistic value. No wonder many are interested in seeing it as a functional work of art that can be applied to make the lights in the room or outside the room look good.


Rattan Lamp Craft Market

Apart from being liked by local people, this rattan lampshade handicraft is also in great demand by foreign people. Many notice this craft product and try to get it in large quantities. Rattan lampshade has developed into an export commodity which is sent to many countries, both in Europe, America or to other Asian countries. The biggest demand is exports to France, Japan and Australia.

This rattan lampshade craft for local markets and international markets is widely used for purposes in hotels or villas, to support the appearance and view of the hotel or villa so that it can look prettier. Its natural appearance makes the appearance of the room more aesthetic and artistic.

The potential for rattan handicrafts in Bali and Indonesia is very much supported by an abundance of rattan raw materials, so they can produce quality handicraft products and can be produced in large quantities. With its flagship product, one of which is a rattan lampshade, it has been able to penetrate the world market. Products that are of high quality, have a sturdy structure, strong woven and high artistic value, it’s no wonder that they are much sought after by many groups. Especially now that online media is getting more sophisticated, making this product even more recognizable, making market developments have the potential to increase again.