Handicrafts Made from Authentic and Typical Indonesian Bamboo

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Here are some of the handicrafts made from authentic and typical Indonesian bamboo. Decorations made of bamboo are a touch of interesting innovation that can be placed in various corners of the room and area. Decorations that provide an aesthetically traditional atmosphere and feel are suitable for interior and exterior decoration.

The nuances of nature in handicrafts from bamboo are very pronounced, and can be applied for various building purposes. This has been done long ago, in the manufacture of buildings and decorations from native Indonesian houses. Until now, it is still used, especially if it is used to give a natural accent, it will be felt immediately. a lot of creativity can be generated including the combination of modern designs with natural natural touches.

Here are some examples of handicrafts from bamboo that have many functions both as interior and exterior of a dream house:


1. Bamboo Fountain
The sweet touch of decoration that can be placed indoors or outdoors, provides a fresh atmosphere, the gurgling of water as well as the view of a unique fountain made of bamboo is able to provide a refreshing view so that it can relieve stress and pressure after working all day.

2. Semi-Outdoor Bathroom Dividers
If you want to show a natural rustic feel, you can make the partition in the bathroom made of a combination of bamboo with natural stone to create a natural rural atmosphere. What needs to be considered is the density of the bamboo, so that there is no gap to peek.

3. Bamboo Wind Chimes
Decorations that use the wind to make sounds like angklung, the sound is so distinctive that it varies according to the short length of the bamboo used as wind chimes. The distinctive sound produced when moved or swept away by the wind, as a marker when a guest arrives, is also a decoration that gives a unique feel to the house that installs it, for example in front of the house.

4. Decorative Lamp from Bamboo
Decorative lights in the garden or the front of the house can be made of bamboo which is decorated in such a way as to give a beautiful and natural atmosphere. The impression of the natural atmosphere of bamboo decoration is able to give an exotic feel and visitors or guests can enjoy the exotic atmosphere before entering the house

5. Bamboo Plant Pots
Bamboo can also be used as a decorative plant pot that can be placed inside or outside the house. Especially if there are hydroponic plants, it is very suitable if the outside media is decorated with bamboo accents. Regarding the placement, it can be replaced, into hanging pots or according to taste, can be placed in certain corners which further enhances the home decor, making the atmosphere fresher and exotic with modern traditional nuances.

6. Bamboo Wall Clock
Exotic natural design but still with a modern touch, you can use bamboo as a coating in placing a wall clock in your home. The exotic design at the same time gives a unique impression, because not many people place a sinding clock decoration made of bamboo in the interior design of their home.

7. Bamboo Chair
Chairs made of bamboo are now widely applied to the interior and exterior of the house. From conventional houses, minimalist homes to modern homes, they have even used bamboo chairs in one corner or corner of the house, used to sweeten the decor and give an exotic feel to a traditional style that is both fresh and unique. Chairs from bamboo can be used for lounge chairs, recliners, even for dining chairs and other important functions.

8. Bamboo swing
Material from bamboo can also be used as a swing, placed outside the house or garden, can be used as a place for children to play or a place to relax. By using bamboo, besides being made from natural materials, it is certainly durable and does not need complicated maintenance, it is also lighter and more comfortable to use.

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