Hanging Rattan Swing Chair

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Hanging Rattan Swing Chair is an aesthetic as well as functional home decoration. In addition to providing a beautiful view of the interior or exterior of the house, it can be used as a relaxed seat to relax while swinging quietly, which is a pleasant experience.

Rattan furniture craft is now becoming a trend again, what’s more, it can display innovative and modern products, so that all circles seem to be happy to choose rattan as a complementary material for room decoration. One of the highlights to put forward is the trendy rattan swing.

This rattan swing hanging chair makes the feel of the house special, because it fulfills aesthetic factors as well as important functions. People can sit back and relax there, with chairs made of comfortable rattan, and safe because rattan is a material that is both strong and light, so those who sit on it while swinging or swaying remain comfortable and safe while enjoying it.


All family members can enjoy it, from adults, the elderly to children can use it. By using this rattan swing chair, it feels like you are in a hotel or at a luxury resort, enjoying the swing while relaxing and enjoying the available snacks or drinks.

For those who want to complete the interior and exterior design of their home with this hanging rattan swing chair, here are some useful tips so that it can be used optimally and comfortably.


1. Rattan woven tight and not loose

Wicker rattan is a material for making furniture with special material properties, which has the main advantage of being flexible in the sense that it is easy to make into various desired shapes. Thus, because of its flexible nature, it makes it have a final product that is sturdy in construction. What needs to be considered in the selection of the material is to choose rattan woven that is tight and not loose, because if the conditions are loose, it will easily come off when sat on or used.

2. Strong rattan swing joints

Choose rattan swing joints that are in strong condition, which are usually wrapped using additional materials from leather so that they don’t loosen easily and at the same time have a classy and elegant appearance. Don’t forget to look at the distance between the rattan parts, both on the seat and on the back. The closer the distance between the rattan meat, the rattan swing chair will be more comfortable to use.

3. Light support material

In its application as a swing chair, other materials are needed so that it functions properly. In order for the swing to still have a light weight, it is necessary to choose lightweight materials, so that it does not cause problems that are too heavy to use. These supporting materials include materials such as iron, stainless steel, or materials made of wood that are slender and lightweight.

4. Selection of the size and color of the swing chair

Because the size of the rattan swing chair itself consists of various sizes, from small to large, adjust the selection according to the size of the room that uses the rattan swing chair. For a minimalist room, choose a small and lightweight swing chair so that it is suitable for placement in a room that is not too big. While the size of a large rattan swing chair is usually suitable for placing on the terrace, backyard or it can also be placed by the pool. Pay attention to the suitability of the color selection with the place where the rattan swing chair is located, so that it is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

5. Buy it from the artisans directly

The advantage of buying directly from the craftsman is that you can better ensure the quality of the swing chair, besides that the price can be more competitive than if you buy it at a mall, for example.