How to Check Grammar Online Free With Grammarly

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How to Check Grammar Online Free With Grammarly. The need for English as an intermediary language between one country and another, has become commonplace for anyone to learn it. Including in Indonesia. How to check grammar online with grammarly is an alternative to improve English grammar skills for all people.

This solution is also often used by most people, you know! And of course free of charge.

Okay, at this meeting, Mimin will give a review regarding Grammarly for you. Don’t forget to scroll to the end!


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the companies engaged in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Grammarly is able to perform activities such as finding grammatical errors in the writing you make, including spelling and writing
It also detects plagiarism in writing.

Grammarly as a product in the field of AI has 3 types of categories. Grammarly Free, Premium and Business. Mimin will only discuss the free ones, for premium and business you can find out more later if you have tried the service
free. The name is also free, so the facilities you get are not as much as premium, let alone the business category.

In Grammarly free the facilities that you can get are corrections related to spelling problems, grammar (grammar), punctuation and the simplicity of a sentence. And you can install it directly for free on a laptop browser or
your computer.

Both windows operating system and safari on macOS. And yes, it can also be installed on Microsoft.

So you don’t have to go back and forth and copy and paste your writing to check it out

Grammatical website. Therefore, to be able to use this tool, you can follow the free online grammar check method with grammarly below.

How to Check Grammar Online Using Grammarly

How to check grammar online without installing an application
1. You can type directly in the browser “grammarly”
2. Click, then you will be taken to the home page
3. Click the Log in button in the upper right corner. It’s okay if you don’t have an account yet. After clicking log in you can register your account (sign up) first. If you can log in, oh yes you can log in

Use your google account, and you will find a grammarly page to check. More or less like the picture below. Please check your writing as much as possible. Oh yes, since Mimin uses a Macintosh,it’s possible that when the windows display the homepage in the image above changes slightly. But overall the menu choices are the same.

• To start checking you can click new, then copy and paste your writing there and check. You will find the results of your writing. It’s really easy to check grammar online on this one, it feels like privacy is not a tool! If you are finished, you can click log out and then log in again at some point.

How to check grammar by installing the application

How to install this application you can download in the playstore or appstore. Prepare storage of approximately 52 MB more to be able to run this application. Don’t forget to make sure the internet connection is also smooth. If it is already installed, you just have to follow the flow of using the application.

Okay, there’s already explained How are you doing, I hope this article on how to check grammar online for free with grammarly is useful. Good luck and immediately improve the quality of your writing. Ok!