How to Compress Online Videos Easy and Free

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How to Compress Online Videos Easy and Free. Large file sizes are a problem in the upload process. In order to upload it quickly, you have to reduce the file size first. However, can you reduce the size but the quality of the file remains the same? Of course you can because what you need is a compressor. Then how to compress online videos? Of course, it takes data and time efficiency to make the upload process more enjoyable.

The tools in the online compressor function to reduce the file size while maintaining its quality. Of course there are several things to determine the quality and size of the file. But don’t worry because the online compressor will help you without any trouble. Here is information on how to compress videos online easily and for free.

  • You Compress

YouCompress is a simple tool with a simple homepage. This website includes an easy compressor with the ability to reduce your file size. Here users can shrink an unlimited number of MP4, MP3, JPEG, or GIF files using YouCompress.

However, the entire video file compression process is automatic. So you can’t adjust the output video resolution, file format, or bitrate.

You just need to import the file to be compressed from the folder to YouCompress on the website page. Then select the Upload & Compress tools menu. No need to wait long, the results can be downloaded immediately.


  • How to Compress Online Videos with Clipchamp

Clipchamp Utilities offers an interesting set of compression tools. Its website includes a compressor as well as a converter as well as a recorder, like no other. It automatically determines the format and compression level to produce optimized but high-quality videos.

Clipchamp is much liked by its users. It can compress or convert unlimited number of videos of any size for free. In addition, it features a privacy protection that allows videos to be uploaded without being stored on the server. This website even supports batch operations too.

You can visit the page to find out how to compress videos online through Clipchamp. On their homepage, they provide free guides.


  • Movavi

If you are looking for an easy and effective compressor, Movavi is the right choice. You can compress a number of files without a size limit. This website can compress videos without the hassle according to how to compress online videos via other websites.

Even though it offers free features, you can try Uni Converter Offline, which is an added advantage along with the pro features. Many users like the output format. This format will make work easier and provide high performance.

If interested in doing compression through Movavi, users can visit and access the page.


  • How to Compress Online Videos with AConvert

For how to compress online videos with AConvert, users can navigate it simply and easily. Just go to the uploads tab and find the file from your hard drive or a file hosting service like Dropbox. If the process has started, the user will be faced with a choice of several formats.

The next process is continued by selecting the size, Bit Rate, and File Aspect. AConvert offers various forms of preset resolutions. This website allows users to adjust the bitrate you know! How to compress online videos above can be easily accessed via the page.


  • Zamzar

Zamzar is a file conversion platform and compresses various forms according to user requests. In addition, you can also choose various presets in it. The compressed results can be used on Vimeo, the YouTube platform, Smartphones and other devices.

To start compressing, you have to start uploading the files to the platform. Next, select the output format form from the Convert To drop-down menu. Then select Convert so that the compression process begins. Simple isn’t it?

Well, that’s an easy way to reduce your video size online. Sometimes, files that come from digital cameras or smartphones are indeed large. But take it easy because then you can choose one of the options above. Good luck.