How to Convert JPG to PDF Online Easily

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How to Convert JPG to PDF Online Easily. There are several ways to convert JPG to PDF online, easy and uncomplicated. Now there are many JPG to PDF converters on the internet. Converting using an online converter will certainly have its advantages. But there are also some drawbacks.

We will discuss in the description in this article. Related advantages and disadvantages of converting JPG to PDF Online. In addition, you will also be informed about the online JPG to PDF file converter web.

Advantages of Converting JPG to PDF Online

What are the advantages of converting files from JPG to PDF online? Here are some of the advantages:

1. We don’t need to download a converter application. This is very beneficial for those of you who don’t have time to download the converter application. Or for those of you who may not have enough storage space to download.

2. Requires a short time. Within a few minutes, you can download the PDF file.

3. The easy way, just by uploading the file, wait a moment, and download it.

Disadvantages of Changing Online
It turns out that using an online converter also has its drawbacks. What are the drawbacks? Here are some of the drawbacks:

1. Must have internet connection. Because it is done online, so an internet connection is needed.

2. There is a maximum limit. So when we use an online converter, there is a maximum limit. Approximately 3 times, after that the service is no longer available. Except on other days.
Web Converter JPG to PDF Online

Here are some online websites that you can go to to help convert files from JPG to PDF:

Small pdf

  • Go to the web
  • Press “choose file
  • Select the image you want to convert to PDF
  • Press “open”
  • Press “convert”, then download the file

I love pdf

  • Go to the web
  • Press “select JPG image”
  • Choose an image in the storage space
  • Press “open”
  • Press “convert to PDF”
  • Then download the PDF


  • Go to the web
  • Press “upload file”
  • Select the image in the storage space,
  • Press “open”
  • Then press “download”

PDF Candy

  • Go to the web
  • Press “add file”
  • Then choose an image that is available in storage
  • Press “open”
  • Press “convert 1 file”
  • There is a notification “one JPG image has been successfully converted to a PDF file” is a sign if the file has been successfully converted.
  • Then press “download file”

Soda PDF Online

  • Go to the web
  • Press “select file”
  • Select an image in storage, then press “open”
  • Wait until it successfully uploads to 100%, and change to 100%.
  • There is a notification “Your file is ready!”

So, those are some websites that can help you in converting JPG to PDF online.

From the five online websites, I think they are all equally easy. The way it works is almost the same. You just need to upload the file and download it.

If you use this online converter, there will be a maximum usage limit. As described above. Usually in a day can only change files three times. But don’t be confused, you can use other converters.

For example, you’ve used three times in smallpdf. If you want to convert again, you can use another converter, for example Ilovepdf or others.

Thus a description of how to convert JPG to PDF online that you must know. It has also explained the advantages and disadvantages of converting JPG to PDF online. Hopefully usefulJ