How to Convert PDF to Word Online Easily

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How to Convert PDF to Word Online Easily. Don’t forget about the times that need anything online. Especially during the pandemic, when we send assignments to lecturers, teachers and work bosses also online.


The work assignments to be sent are usually in the form of files, the files can be in the form of PDF, Word, Rtf and so on. How to convert pdf to word online we can do this easily.

In addition to the form of files that must be sent, usually they get questions, materials, surveys, most of them are also in file form. If the file sent is in the form of Word, rtf and others it will be easy to edit it. But if the file that can be obtained cannot be edited, in the sense that a PDF file must change it first so that it can be edited.

In this article, I will tell you about online tutorials for converting PDF files to Word and others. What is a PDF file? How do I create a PDF file? And how to convert PDF file to word without application?


PDF files

PDF stands for portable document format, which is the industry standard file format for various other document files. First released by Adobe Systems. This file serves to duplicate any file such as text files, photos, graphic designs, web pages, word processing pages and screenshots.

Files that have been modified or duplicated in PDF form cannot be edited later. This file is protected with a privacy policy and password, and has restricted editing views. Usually on your laptop or computer, there is already a PDF file. If on Android you need applications such as word, wps and so on.

How to Convert Files Into PDF Format

There are many ways to convert other files into pdf format. One of them converts other files to PDF via laptop/PC:
1. Open the file manager on your laptop/PC.
2. Next find the file you want to change and open the file.
3. Next open the file menu in word, then select Save As.
4. After the column appears filling the document name and Save as type. Choose save as type and look for the PDF file
5. Finally, enter the file will automatically become a PDF file.

In addition, you can also convert other files to PDF via the drive:
1. Open the Drive application in the android application and don’t forget to log in first.
2. Next select the Create button and click document.
3. Then input text, and tap the file menu then select download as PDF Document, then your file will be automatically saved and become a PDF file.

How to Convert PDF Files to Word Online

It is clear that if you go online, the alternative is through official websites to change it. In addition to the official website, Google services also provide.

Here are the steps:
how to change via Google Docs service:
1. Look for google docs in google search and open it.
2. Then select the file to be uploaded or changed.
3. Open the file. Next to edit the format click the File menu.
4. Then select Download As and also choose the format in word form.
5. Finally downloaded and the file is automatically saved in your device files.

In addition to google docs, through the drive can also be done through the official website. The method used is almost the same as the method above.

Websites that can be trusted are,,, and others. To make it easier to convert PDF files to word you can try. Hopefully the ways to convert PDF files to word online can provide benefits. So you no longer need to worry if you are in an urgent situation and there is difficulty in changing it. Thanks.