How to Make an Online Passport From Mobile in Indonesia

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How to make an online passport – During this pandemic, everything is required to be able to provide services that are completely online. Including all services related to state administration for citizens. The point is to avoid crowds and also avoid face to face with other people, especially during the increasingly fierce covid outbreak.

Knowing how to make a passport online will definitely make your life easier and more practical. You no longer need to wait long at the immigration office to make or renew your passport. Simply register online, and you only need to come to the office according to a predetermined schedule.



How to Make an Online Passport From Your Mobile

The steps that must be considered regarding how to make a passport online:

1. Install the Online Passport Service application on the Google Playstore

2. Open the app and allow the requested access
When you open the app, several pop ups will appear regarding permissions on your device. Please select allow the requested access on the application

• Create an account
You will be asked to login. If you don’t have an account, please register first. Can use your Gmail account or your Facebook.

• Activate GPS
Make sure the GPS on your cellphone is in active mode, because it will be useful when choosing the nearest immigration office

• Fill in your personal data
After successfully creating an account, you will be asked to fill in personal data such as full name, identity number, address, email, mobile number, and others. Make sure the contents are correct.

• Click Passport Queue
After filling in your personal data correctly, you will be directed to the account page. If you want to make a passport, please select Passport Queue.

• Determine the amount
It is important to make sure the number of people in your data who want to register to make an online passport, so you can find out which slot matches your number.

• Specify location and date
After determining the amount, you will get a view of which office is still available with the date you choose. The application will recommend the immigration office that is still available and closest.

• Come to the immigration office
After completing how to make an online passport above, the next step you will be asked to come to the immigration office according to the schedule and location obtained.

Attachment of Documents Needed to be Prepared

Before starting to make an online passport, it’s a good idea to understand what documents need to be prepared in order to extend or make a new passport, because there are several differences in terms of the documents that need to be prepared.
1. If you renew your passport, prepare:
2. Physical proof of your old passport
3. Photocopy of e-KTP and also show the original
4. If you don’t have an e-KTP, you can attach a certificate in the process.
5. If making or changing a new passport:
6. Photocopy of e-KTP and also show the original
7. Photocopy of Family Card as well as the original
8. Photocopies and also original documents from birth certificates, latest diplomas, marriage certificates if already married
9. For the transfer of a foreigner to an Indonesian citizen, attach a citizenship letter
10. If there is a name change, attach a name change letter.
11. If you want to change to an e-passport, you must physically attach your old passport

The government has greatly facilitated the services provided, including providing information regarding how to make an online passport, unfortunately there are still many people who find it difficult and they say it is complicated.