How to Scan Barcodes Through Smart Phones

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How to Scan Barcodes Through Smart Phones. In a time full of sophistication, humans tend to want everything instantly. Especially since the appearance of barcodes on various things. A few years ago, barcodes were synonymous with food or beverage packaging.


This is different from now which can be found anywhere. In order to become more technologically literate, it is very important to know how to scan barcodes via smart phones to save time on certain things.



Tutorial How to Scan Barcodes on Smart Phones

On the packaging of a product, this barcode contains information about the product, starting from the production code to the expiration date. However, now its functions have become more varied after the discovery of the QR Code. For example, a QR Code on a pamphlet usually when scanned will direct you to a registration page or the like. That way, you can visit the page more practically without the need to retype the link. With its increasingly diverse functions, it requires a scanner that is also practical, namely a smart phone.

How to scan barcodes via smart phones, aka smartphones, doesn’t take a long time. You just need to prepare a scanner application that is widely available on the Play Store. On this occasion, we will present a tutorial on scanning barcodes via smart phones.

How to Scan Barcodes with Google Lens

This first method is specifically for those of you who don’t want to bother downloading the application. The reason is, your smartphone is equipped with Google Lens which you can access on Google Assistant. This first barcode scanning method starts by opening the Google Assistant on your cellphone. Then you can tap the “Home” menu and search for “Google Lens”. If you have found it, all you have to do is point your cellphone camera at the barcode or QR Code that you want to scan.

If you’ve done the above guide, Lens will appear a small circle. Well, just tap the circle until an information is successfully displayed. That way, the scan has been successful. You just copy or open the link that appears.

QR and Barcode Scanner

An alternative that you can try to scan is to download an application called QR & Barcode Scanner. This application is very easy to find because it is already in the Play Store. The credibility of this scanner application is unquestionable. The reason is, more than one hundred million people have downloaded the application. Moreover, this scanner is not up to 6 MB in size so it does not fulfill the storage.

How to scan a barcode via QR & Barcode Scanner begins with downloading and installing it first. After opening it, you are asked to point the camera at the barcode or QR code. The scanner will start working automatically to translate the code. In short, the code was successfully decoded.

Can You Scan Barcodes Without a Camera?

If your phone really can’t load the two apps above, don’t be discouraged. There are still other ways to scan barcodes that you can practice. You only need one browser already installed on your phone. The browser is required to access the page.

After entering the page, you can directly upload a file or image containing the code to be scanned. You can also paste the link from the barcode or QR code. Tap the “Start” option to start the scan. Without further ado, you will be directed to the scan results, which means the process was successful.

That’s how to scan barcodes and QR codes that you can try one by one. By trying all three, you will find out which way is more effective to do.