How to Take Care of Teak Wood Furniture to Keep it Durable and Shiny?

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Teak wood furniture has always been the main choice since the beginning until now, compared to other types of wood. By using this material, furniture can be used for indoor or outdoor, so the decoration becomes more beautiful.

It is all very possible to happen, because furniture made of teak wood does have very special qualities, one of which is that it contains natural oil and rubber whose function is to protect the tree, in this case protecting the tree from decay, climate and weather conditions, even fungal attack and parasite.

And what’s special is that the two contents in teak wood are still there, even though the tree has been cut down, processed until it’s dried.

For this reason, the price of teak wood furniture is also more expensive than other materials, however, this is in accordance with the quality obtained, the price will not lie, and the buyer will be satisfied with the quality obtained.

Proper and correct care will make teak wood furniture durable and long lasting, even for hundreds of years. It can be said, that buying it once is enough for a lifetime.


How to properly care for teak wood furniture?

So, how do you properly care for teak wood furniture so that it can last for more than 100 years? In the following, we will inform you about the methods.

1. Clean furniture with warm water

Usually the furniture that has been made includes the lacquer process inside. The use of teak wood as a material, of course, reduces the need for varnish, some don’t even need it.

For those who are not varnished, the maintenance is simple and easy, just take a cloth, dip it in warm water, then squeeze it first until it is coarse and not too wet.

The next step is to wipe gently onto the surface of teak furniture. This serves to prevent the absorption of water from entering the pores of teak wood.

2, Clean with tea

So far, we know the various functions of tea, one of which is for health. But many don’t know the function of tea is also very useful for caring for and cleaning teak furniture, making colors sharper and more sparkling.

It’s easy, just dip a cloth into the steeping black tea that has been prepared beforehand. Then wipe the furniture until all parts have been wiped, and then let it dry.

3. Polish with special oil

The strength of teak wood furniture is no longer in doubt, therefore apart from being placed as indoor furniture, it is also often placed outdoors or outdoors.

But sometimes we forget, if placed outside, sunlight and weather can make changes to the color of the natural wood which can fade, even though the strength and function remain strong and unchanged.

Therefore, there is also a need for treatment by applying a special oil which is also known as teak oil. Apply on teak furniture or once every 3 years, so that the color becomes more beautiful and shiny.

4. Clean stains and dust with pladge or other special products.

Getting stains or dust is a common thing as long as teak furniture is used. Sometimes it can be annoying, including unsightly, no matter how good the quality is.

Therefore it is also necessary to treat it with pladge or other special products, using a small brush so that it can reach the entire surface. You can also use a cloth, spray for liquid cleaners, wipe clean after all the maintenance is done.